Do boosters really affect your matchmaking?

I know the stigma is that when you activate a 500% booster you’re just going to get placed in a full up tier with the most cracked enemies and an idiot team. But is that really the case?

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They don’t. The human brain has a tendency to remember negative events more than positive ones. It makes sense that it does this, it’s a survival instinct to make sure that you remember dangerous things, but it means that people will remember the bad instances they had with boosters more than the good ones. When you combine that with confirmation bias, you get a situation where people will take a few uptiers with boosters as proof that boosters affect your matchmaking, even though they don’t.

It also matters that certain BRs for certain nations tend to get uptiered more than others.


Yeah it’s just a psychological thing. Most people get nervous when they use a booster which causes them to play badly. Which is the main reason why people get ‘Gaijined’ when they use a booster. Youtubers mostly created this myth.
While using a booster if you can convince your brain that you aren’t using the booster then you can enjoy your game as usual.


True. It’s a combination of nervousness and that in circumstances like these, people expecting something bad to happen makes it more likely that it will.

There’s another psychological phenomenon that plays into this too called pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where if the brain goes looking for patterns, it’ll find them, even if they’re not actually there, and that helps play into the confirmation bias.

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