Not only Soviet tanks still have fantasy armor, but now, once you penetrate them, the DM23 round does nothing. Hits in the side kill driver, jam the turret drive and all kinds of meaningless damage, but no kills…SS is just one of the many SB Ground, I had in the past 24h.
Years and years on, the GJ is still running this pathetic game setup.
How about we don’t even log the game and Soviet side automatically wins?

Sim is probably the worst for soviet vehicles they dont get many vehicles with thermals on most days unlike NATO, Challenger vs T-72A is always funny to watch becuase the chally is far better where it counts maybe if you tried to sit back and snipe instead of holding W into soviets who perform better at close range you wouldnt be dying with 1 kill


At that br I have had more issues with something like CV90105 trying to kill them using darts from the sides is a nightmare unless you loaded HE first, you will always overpenned them or hit somewhere empty and create zero spalls because no-armor-best-armor-bro, if you failed to disable the gunner in the first shot then you are screwed. Leopards will have it worse because they don’t even have HE lol. I don’t get to fire the second shot in my T-72 and can’t escape due to -0.0000001 kph reverse speed.

Fantasy armor? lol Dude thinks reality is a fantasy world.
But yeah, this is sim where NATO has a far easier time.

I don’t think you understand the relations here…when the T72’s turret of 17t gets hit by a projectile that has a punching power of 7t, the dart doesn’t “disappear” or gets “eaten” by a turret.

Yea, but I don’t want to metagame. If I load something called Simulation, I’d expect a…simulation?

Thats not Metagaming thats playing the tank how its meant to be played NATO vehicles generally are better on defensive positions and at range becuase thats how they were built for an inevitable war with the soviets meanwhile soviet tanks are better on the offensive and pushing because they were built to push through the fulda gap why do you think NATO tanks have worse hull armour than the soviet equivalents on average the only exception is something like the abrams at the time


Never claimed the abrams is comparable to the 2A7 or 122B + you’re being disingenuous stop folowing me to different threads to whine like a rat just becuase you suck at playing the abrams it doesnt mean its bad go learn how to play it

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alright buddy, keep crying in different topics and prasing russians, u seem to me that u don’t play top tier and that’s okay, u gotta be the kind of guy to buy premium just to grind a tech tree lmao

No, it’s not. NATO tanks aren’t “meant to be played”, they’re meant to fight. They have a set of performances and characteristics, same as Soviet tanks and all sides are trying to make them better than the other side. Trouble is, Soviet tanks are inferior in comparison and Soviets knew it, which is why they built them in tens of thousands. I understand that this is a game and ingame “the quantity isn’t a quality of its own” (to paraphrase one famous Soviet), but neither is darts disappearing on contact with Soviet/Soviet derived tanks.
It’s just pathetic and a lazy way to deal with a gameplay issue.

I literally own the 2A5, ive only recently decided to play through the higher tier russian tanks they’re decidedly worse in quite a few aspects also learn how to spell

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soo what’s this kiddo? abrams can survive a shot? lmaoo what u smoking rn?

Again try aiming better you can always just go for the breach on soviet vehicles its not like the reverse speed on them is gonna let them get away from you the LFP shots arent always reliable against T-80 tanks because of how their autoloader is positioned

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The abrams will almost always survive a shot to the LFP idk how you’re spinning this to make it seem like im saying its comparable to the 2A7 and B+ the same goes for shots to the UFP its 83° its an autobounce angle a majority of the time

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I can’t go for the breach if they’re sideways, can I?
Besides, WT finds a way to eat a breach shot as well.
I can provide replays.

Besides, you got 3 games in L2A5, zero kills and 2 deaths in SB and zero in L2A4.
Why do you think you know what you’re talking about?

If theyre sideways then shoot the turret its literally that simple besides i have 23 games in the 2A5 in RB, sim and RB are essentially the same if we’re going on about sim you cant speak either you’ve only got 42 games in the 2A5 with a sub 1 k/d i dont play toptier often becuase of CAS its not fun being killed from orbit but that doesnt mean i dont know how toptier is

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i have +2years of playing top tier and i can tell u no abrams can survive a shot from any place, 3bm46 now can penetrate the abrams hull and rn turret cheeks are getting penetrated on daily basis, so i’ve no idea if you’re on something or just trolling, if u add something against what i said it just proves that my argument is right.

3bm46 cannot penetrate the cheeks of any M1A2 series vehicles it can pen M1A1 on the right cheek however, you’d think with your 1500 games in the M1A1 and 1100 in the SEP you’d know that they have differing turret armour by now
Also you’re being intentionally disingenuous, now im not allowed to respond or it proves you correct? You’re acting like razervon.

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atleast razervon isn’t brainded and sometimes agree with him, and i didn’t say 3bm46 penetrate turret cheeks, i said it penetrate the hull and the shell goes in and out like abrams is made from rubber, do u agree with me on this?

You’re quite possibly the most deluded person on the forum right now you literally claimed it can pen the cheeks

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