Discussion on ZTZ99A model errors in game

guess they thought ariete cant be the worst mbt in the game anylonger :/


They already said that ;)

I am war wolf.

@Smin1080p Please read this post and make changes, so far there are huge players in the Chinese system, but because of known reasons they can not communicate on the forum, but it does not mean that everyone is satisfied with the current top MBT in the Chinese system, please pay attention to this problem, Thank you!


I don’t know when these model errors will be fixed. Now Gaijin has added a damage model for all vehicles with the loading machine. Any area under the chassis of 99A that is hit will damage it.
the situation has worsened


new error



Why has this bug report been deleted?

it used classfied paper

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Ah. So… China is just gonna keep being stuck with a 577mm penning shell and a 7.1s reload.


Please fix it. I want a real ZTZ99A


Well I mean there is absolutely no way we can even hand in a report now, they won’t take primary source as they are all classified, but the secondary sources are mostly photos or else they are all accounted as tertiary ones, which are not accepted.


With the addition of the Auto-loader, the modeling just keeps getting worse.

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All the reports are acknowledged… should we ask mods for any info on it since its been a year or so of them being in this state and no change happening?

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No as in all the ones rejected we can’t find any evidence for. The acknowledged but not fixed ones also really annoys me. The devs need to fix them much faster, since we already did most of the efforts for them.

Yeah i’m talking about these here:
Community Bug Reporting System This one is 2 yo, they did do something to it as define it as not a bug but then switched it back to acknowledged 6 months ago?
Community Bug Reporting System This one is much minor work and was acknowledged 3 months ago…

Probably we got more of these but these are just prime examples… one of the employees did warn that this process would take time AND that these additions are SUGGESTION, not necessarily coming to the game… But if a model is incorrect and there are images and in depth analysis that a guy spent countless our on… you know… maybe give us some feedback 1/2 years after the issues sat there? at this point i would sincerely ask a mod.

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My point to them was ‘model issue’ should not be seen as a suggestion, but a bug and take high priority.