Discussion of Potential Finnish and Swedish Air vehicles

Hi, this will be a discussion and a comprehensive list of air vehicles that are produced and/or operated by Finland and Sweden

If there is any mistakes or possible additions, please let me know

Note: Due to both Finland and Sweden operating significantly fewer air vehicles than ground vehicles. Unfinished and mock-up vehicles will be allowed as long as there is sufficient data on them, i will demarcate which is a unfinished and/or proposed vehicle

List of potential vehicles that can be added


Domestic designs

VL Humu: A Finnish light fighter & reece aircraft, even though it has a very strong resemblance to the Brewster Buffalo it is a completely new aircraft built from scratch, using a Shvestov M-63 engine and 2 LKk/42 HMG



VL Myrsky I: Pre-production variant of the Myrsky II

VL Kotka: Maritime patrol and light bomber float biplane, can equip a total of 300kg bombs or depth charges and 3 lmgs (1 forward firing vickers gun and a pair of defensive lewis guns)



Modified foreign designs

J-35FS: Finnish J-35F’s originally they are originally identical to their Swedish counterparts however they receive some upgrades mainly new avionics and the ability to use R-13M AAM’s (the J-35XS can also use R-13M’s), the FS were never equipped with CM pods though it is still theoretically possible to mount them (either the BOY 402 CM pack that the J-35XS uses or the Kapsel KB countermeasure pod that the S-35E uses)

BAe Hawk Mk.51/51A & Hawk Mk.66: They were BAe Hawks built for Finnish specifications (essentially a combat trainer and light attack aircraft), it uses the same secondary armaments as the British Hawk’s as well as some weapons unique to Finnish Hawks. First of which is using VKT 12.7mm gunpods as well as 30mm ADEN gunpods, Finnish Hawks also use R-60 AAM’s and later AIM-9M’s, finally it could mount TBA unguided rockets. 16 Hawk Mk.66’s were brought from Switzerland in 2009. Finally Finnish Defense Firm Patria did some upgrades and mid-life refurbishment on the Finnish Airforces remaining Hawks



MiG-21MGT: Dedicated Fighter Recce variant of the MiG-21bis ingame, can carry either a camerapod or additional ECM/CM pod on the centreline hardpoint. AIM-9’s (more specifically AIM-9E’s) were prototyped on this MiG as well similar to MiG-21’s operated by the Egyptian Airforce



Blackburn Ripon IIF: A Carrier borne torpedo bomber built by Blackburn for the Fleet Air Arm, it Saw service in the Royal Navy from 1929 to 1935 until they were retired. Finland received a license to built the Ripon domestically by Valmet. There is the potential for several variants, including wheeled, floatplane and Ski variants. Finnish Ripons used either a Armstrong Siddeley Panther, Bristol Pegasus radial and even prototyped a Inline Hispano-Suiza V-12 engines, a unspecified BMW engine is also prototyped. Finnish Ripons saw service in the Winter and Continuation wars, some of which are piloted by Swedish volunteers



Folland Gnat FR.1: Two Gnats were modified by the Fins with the assistance of Folland to mount 70mm Vinten cameras on the nose

Foreign designs

MiG-21F-13: Identical to the one found in the Soviet TT. An interesting fact is that Finland is the first country outside of the Warsaw pact in 1961, even allowing Finnish pilots to fly them for training purposes in the Soviet Union and officially entered service in 1965 (MiG-21U variant more specifically, the MiG-21F-13 was not in service until a decade later). A lot of these succumbed to various Cancers due to the airfield’s proximity to the Nuclear testing ground in Novaya Zemlaya (including the Tsar bomba test) and the resulting nuclear fallout of said tests. The MiG-21F-13 will be great in filling up the gap inbetween the Vampire FB-52 & the MiG-21Bis


MiG-21F-13 feb 1981

MiG-21UM: 2 seater variant of the MiG-21MF though lacks 2 of the 4 wing hardpoints making it function closer to a two-seater MiG-21SPS-K



Fouga/Valmet CM.170 Magister: Identical to the CM.170 operated by France & Israel, Finland obtained a license to produce the Magister domestically from 1958 to 1967, can equip 4 7.5mm gunpods, rockets both guided in the form of Nord SS.11 and unguided rockets, the Magister also has 2 inbuilt 7.5mm lmg’s



Do-22Kl: Finnish variant of the Dornier-22 Light torpedo bomber with two variants, a wheeled and a floatplane variant
Link to suggestion below

Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.11: Finland inherited 3 M.F.11 floatplanes from Norway, the M.F.11 was prototyped for a Oerlikon autocannon on the left wing giving it extra firepower



Bristol Blenheim Mk.I: First variant of the Bristol Blenheim with a completely glass cockpit, I chose the Mk.I over the Mk.IV for 2 main reasons, firstly it is a Blenheim variant we do not have in game and secondly Finland operated a larger fleet of the Mk.I than the Mk.IV (77 Mk.I’s over 22 Mk.IV’s)


Folland Gnat F.1: Finland brought 13 Gnat F.1 during the 1950’s, Valmet obtained a license to produce more Gnat’s domestically as a light fighter bomber, was retired in 1972 when they were replaced by the J-35 Drakens


Domestic designs

Sk.60C: Second Light Attack variant of the Sk.60 built on a Sk.60A chassis. This is the other combat Sk.60 variant that the Swedish Airforce used, has similar armaments to the Saab-105G



J-35B & Fpl 35-10: Second production variant of the J-35B, main differences is a slight increase in ammo count for the 30mm autocannons (from 90 rpg to 100 rpg), the ability to mount 75mm sprak m/57 rockets and a J-35B prototype (Fpl 35-10) tested a RB-05A AGM (the Sk-35C also tested the RB-05A as well). Finland also operated the J-35B, designated the J-35BS



Fpl 35-10

J-35J: Final variant of the J-35, an upgrade of the J-35F-2 allowing for a extra pair of hardpoints allowing the equipping of 2 additional RB-24J’s, the autocannon is also replaced with a more modern variant of the 30mm. No evidence of it equipping CM’s though the equipping of the Kapsel KB CM pod is possible



A-35G (Proposal only): Proposed Attack variant of the J-35D, functions similarly to Early J-35XD’s used by the Danish Airforce, never passed the proposal stage

Saab B3LA/A-38 (Unfinished/Mockup only): Proposed ground attack aircraft with one confirmed mockup built by SAAB, Link to a more detailed thread from the old forum below

AJSH-37: Essentially a SH-37 (Maritime patrol and Anti-Shipping Attack variant of the AJ-37) upgraded to the AJS-37 Standard



Modified foreign designs

B-26 (Ordered, never received): Swedish designation of the Fokker G.I, the Swedish Government buy 77 Fokker G.I’s, Swedish G.I’s were equipped with 4 13.2mm HMG’s, 1 8.8mm LMG turret as well as bombs (mostly 50kg or 250kg bombs) intended to be used as a dive-bomber. Sweden never received them due to the invasion of the Netherlands

B & T 16A: Swedish Bomber and Torpedo bomber variant of the Caproni Ca.313, equipped with 2 wing mounted 13.2mm HMG’s and 1 8mm LMG turret, also Swedish Ca.313’s used their domestic built Bombs and Torps (800kg max weight)



Foreign designs

J-10 (Ordered, never received): Swedish designation of the Vultee V-49C Vanguard, Sweden brought around 100 V-49C’s in 1940 however they were all seized in September 1941 in the UK by the US due to an embargo placed on Sweden by the US government. All seized V-49C’s were re-designated as “P-66’” and were sent to the Chinese Nationalist Airforce
Link to suggestion below

S 11 (Ordered, never received): Swedish designation of the Dornier Do-215 A-1, Sweden brought 18 Do-215’s but never received them due to a embargo placed on then by the Luftwaffe

J-30: Swedish designation of the De Haviland Mosquito NF.XIX

J-33: Swedish designation of the De Haviland Venom NF.51

Tp-24: One Do 24T-3 from Seenotgruppe 81 was seized by Sweden when it landed in neutral Sweden in October 1943




you forgot the most important Finnish addition for the future:


Thanks for linking to my suggestions!

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I know this is a bit off topic, but since we got a Norwegian Premium for Ground, what about an Norwegian F-5 (probably as a Premium or Event Vehicle)


Danish and Norwegian vehicles will not be present unless it is either made in Finland or Sweden or is operated either by Finland or Sweden

Not necessarily true since Sweden was confirmed to be the Scandanavia tree

Looking at the following articles:

there are several more aircraft that could be viable to add, all foreign designs.
(* = new vehicle)

Captured Soviet planes:

  • I-15 bis
  • I-153
  • I-16 type 6
  • Pe-2
  • Pe-3
  • LaGG-3
  • SB-2 / SB-2 bis
  • DB-3M / DB-3F (IL-4)
  • MBR-2
  • Po-2

Exported planes:

  • Aero A.11HS *
  • G.50 Freccia
  • H-75A-2 (P-36 Hawk)
  • P-40 Warhawk
  • C.714
  • M.S.410
  • Dornier Do 22KI * (manufactured for export, so wasn’t used by Germany)
  • Junkers W 34 * (could also be added to German aviation tree)
  • Heinkel He 59 * (could also be added to German aviation tree)
  • Fokker C.X *
  • Fokker T.VIII *
  • B4A * (Hawker Hart)
  • Bulldog Mk. IVA * (could also be added to Britain aviation tree)
  • Gloster Gauntlet * (could also be added to Britain aviation tree)
  • Gloster Gladiator
  • Westland Lysander I * (could also be added to Britain aviation tree)
  • Blenheim I / Blenheim IV
  • Folland Fo.141 Gnat F.Mk.1 * (post-war, could also be added to Britain aviation tree)

i would love to see the saab 38(b3la) and the strv2000 with it would be really nice


Minor update

Both the Fighter and Fighter Recce variants of the Gnat are added

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Update: Do-24 is now changed to it’s Swedish Designation of “Tp-24”, it is also specified to be a Do-24T-3

A potential high tier premium: