The J10 Vultee Vanguard 48C

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The J10 Vultee Vanguard 48C:


Summorized Background history:

The Swedish J10 (or as in American designation: Vultee Vanguard 48C (P-66 later on)) is a fighter aircraft which served in the US Airforce, the British Royal Airforce (Never went to service and were sent off to Nationalist China) and the Chinese Nationalists Air Force. However, the fighter aircraft was originally supposed to be in Swedish use. In the early months of 1940, the Flygvapnet placed an order for 144 Vanguard fighter aircrafts of the 48C variant. Which in turn the Flygvapnet designated the aircraft as “J10” (prior J10, they also placed an order of around 120 P-35 Seversky fighter aircrafts designated as “J9” throughout 1939). The model 48C which Sweden were intending to purchase had a export version of the Pratt & Whitney R-1830-33 engine, with 1200 h.p during takeoff and around 1050 h.p at 13000~ feet. The armament were 2 x .50 caliber machineguns at the propeller arch and 4 x .30 caliber machineguns in the wings. However, the Flygvapnet were planning on refitting the J10’s (once they arrived to Sweden) with new armaments. Which is as followed: 2 x 8mm Ksp m/22 Fh on the wings and 2 x 13.2mm Akan m/39 on thr propeller arch.

However, before any of the J10’s could be delivered to the Swedish Air Force, the US goverment placed an embargo on exporting military aircraft’s to Sweden (Along with the J10 Vanguard, the rest of the J9 Seversky’s. Which were left to be delivered to Sweden were also halted). The reason for this, were due to increased fears of Nazi regime and their ever growing occupation of Europe. Which the US goverment feared the fighter aircrafts Sweden bought and were sent to, were in the risk of being captured or confiscated by the Axis power.

After the embargo on Sweden, the J10’s were subsequently sent of the to the British Royal Airforce Vanguard 1’s (aproximately 100 aircrafts). Which they were planned to be used as advanced trainer planes in Canada. However, after tthe trials. They were instead relinquished to China under the Lend Lease Program. Which were ment to equip the 3rd American Volunteer Group, based in China. But plans were dropped after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Chinese were the primary users of the aircraft and saw little combat throughout the war. As many were deemed unairworthy to fly due to mechanical isssues plauging the aircraft. The aircraft which saw action were shot down by the more agile Japanese aircrafts, destroyed on the ground or mistaken for Japanese KI-43 / KI-44 Fighters. In the end, the P-66 was replaced by the more effective Curtiss P-40 in 1943 and the rest put into long-term storage in caves. In the eventual civil war against the communists.


Implementation to War Thunder:

While the J10 itself never went into Swedish service, the aircraft is still a suitable addition to the game as either a premium or a standard tech tree vehicle (which Sweden is in dire of). While people would ask: Why should Sweden get a aircraft which never went into service, let alone never were in mainland Sweden? The awnser to the question is in the Japanese tank tech tree: Heavy tank NO.6 or as we know the name of: The Tiger Tank. Which never went into Japanese service or were brought to Japan during the war. The same situation as for Sweden when it came to the shipping and purchase of the J10 fighter aircrafts. So it would be safe to say: Yes, the J10 should be addded to the game without any problem what’s so ever.




(Image credit: Blockhaj)

J10: Vultee Vangaurd 48C
Weight: 2375 kg (~5240 pounds) empty weight ~3220 kg, (~7100 pounds) normal gross weight 3350kg, (7384 pounds) Max takeoff weight
Length: 8.48 meters
Width: 10.97 meters
Height: 2.87 meters
Wing area: ~18 m2 (196 sq ft)
Crew: 1 pilot
Climb rate: ~13 m/s (~2520 ft/min)
Service Ceiling: 8595 meters (~28000 feet)
Max Speed: 550 km/h at 4602 meters (340 mph at 15000 ft)
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1830-33 engine, 1200 hp
Max Range: 1370 km (850 miles)
Armament: (Planned armament: 2 x 13.2mm Akan m/39), (Planned armament: 2 x 8mm Ksp m/22 Fh)
Ammunition Capacity: 400~500 13.2mm rounds (200~250 rounds per gun) 1000~1200 8mm rounds (500~600 rounds per gun)
Number in Service: Cancelled (144 fighters purchased but Sweden were embargoed by US goverment before it could be shipped)



Vultee P-66 Vanguard - Wikipedia (yes I know, wikipedia aint the best source material but it’s better than having none)


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