Discussion about heli with ty90

Helicopters with ty90 have been controversial for a long time, and it seems that gaijin prepare to increase their br again. But there is one important thing: these heli don’t have agm that fit their br, especially z9 series and z19 series. after next update, z9w will only have 2×hj8 with 2×ty90 or 4×hj8, which has a range of only 3km, at 10.0. it must be noted that, this kind of short range、low speed and low penetration agm only appear on lower than 8.x br heli in other heli tech trees. and z19 will only have 4×akd9 and 4×ty90 or 8×akd9, which have a range of only 6km, at 11.3. compare to agm114, akd9 have shorter range and lower penetration, and it’s much worse than 9m127 of ka50. The poor agm resulted in players preferring to use the ty90 rather than agm, other players suffer from ty90, gaijin raise br of those heli, heli players increasingly prefer to use ty90 because their agm is impossible to kill anything, and other players suffer more. my suggestion is: z9w with akd9 at 10.0, z9wa with akd9 at 10.3, z19e with akd9 at 10.7, z19(which have a radar) with akd10 at 11.3.


The biggest problem with the Z-9 and Z-19 right now is the mismatch between air-to-air and air-to-ground combat capabilities. If they want to increase their BR, they should strengthen their air-to-ground capability.


They should just make the TY-90 flareable, even if its just head on only


but ty90 is literally unflareable in reality. In fact, it can accurately destroy helicopter’s propeller with thermal image recognition in reality


Balancing should be more important

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Right, Chinese helicopters should have the air to ground capability that not only fit their so high br but also they have in reality. Please adopt this suggestion.

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classic. “balance”when we talking about reality, and“reality”when we talking about balance. ty90 is already much weaker in game than in reality now, and you talking about “balance”, yeah yeah it makes sense.


it should be removed and lower BR for chinese helis. keep ty90 for top tier helis.

Agree, z9WA should have new ATGM to fit its BR.

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The change should be increase the respawn point of TY-90 so that the player cannot use TY90 at the very beginning of the game. And the br should be lower or at least keep the same at 11.0 because the akd-9 is too weaker compared with agm114 and 9k127

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Some capabilities are removed or lessened for balance. The ah-64D does not have its agm-114L radar guided fire and forget missiles even though it has them in reality.

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It is not all about anti tank performance, the helicopter knowingly has extremely high anti air performance and as such that should also be taken into account

But since the helis are increased their br, they should have more powerful atgm so they can complete the mission of destroying the ground targets instead of only using TY90 to anti aircraft

Specific helicopters have specific roles, the helicopters with TY90 are for killing cas so the ground can kill tanks. russia has pantsir for killing cas and ka-52, ka-50 for killing tanks. nato does not have pantsir or a heli with highly advanced missiles but manage the battlefield with air superiority. Different countries operate differently to win in the battlefield, this is just how china does it. The helicopter simply can’t be best at everything and has its own specific recognized role.

Look at what Gaijin did to the KA52 and mi28nm, TY90 even can’t lock them Lmao, the only way to play Chinese HELI is just to camp the air respawn point, says really I don’t believe Z19 or Z10 has the ability to fight in the top tier, it is even worse than Franch helis in fact, 8 AKD10 in 11.7 vs 12 9M127 or 8 pars3?

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Just remove Ty-90 and replace it with something weaker. Reduce the AAM loadout to 4 missiles max. Like it is for every other heli. Then just balance chn helis around their ground strike capability.

The Ty-90 is madness in current state of WT. Its like suddenly hand out Iris-T or Aim-9X to other nations, which have unflarable thermal imaging seekers as well and follow thermal 3D images/models instead of just simple IR sources.

Im SICK of Ty-90 campers shooting down every enemy air spawn with ease. Especially since its first spawn, super op missiles and super op number of missiles as well. By the time you spawn your jet or ATGM heli they already camp behind some buildings or trees in strike range of the heliport and airspawn to just lol delete every enemy air unit which somehow appears.

Its pretty much mad to allow this any longer :) You pay 850 spawn points just to get Ty-90tied fews secs after you spawn in. How is it healthy for Ground RB, when its possible to spawn in a heli with 16x or 8x TY-90, unflarable, just at match start? Even a BR bump won’t change alot, it would change nothing.

You’re contradicting yourself. in fact, ka50 and ka52 are not good examples: they can kill cas efficiently while killing tanks, and ka50 at same br of z19, which can only kill cas but can’t kill tanks efficiently.

I was making a general point using vague terms to communicate it, the point stands wether a specific vehicle may not fill the role fully, russia has hundreds of different air and ground vehicles for their own way of fightning just as china, nato etc. Im communicating that each of these nations have different needs and uses for their vehicles and produce them differently based on how they operate. Not all helicopters are equal, not all jets are equal, not all anti air is equal. These countries operate their vehicles differently so the result is different. It is pointless to copypaste machines solely because “yes”

Even now, Chinese helicopters are no longer capable of landing effectively, which leads them to become rather one-dimensional if only as a strange platform for launching anti-air missiles. The balance for them should be to limit their air-to-air capabilities while increasing their ground-attack capabilities, as is the case with other countries’ helicopters, rather than increasing their weight until they are unusable.I can’t imagine how the z-19 compares to the ka-50.


The biggest problem isnt the ty90 itself, its that gaijin made it available to the premium z19e which anyone can pick up. This massively encourages ty90 camping to grind the heli tree. If ty90 was introduced correctly it would only be available on the tech tree z19 and z10. Its like gaijin making tiger uht a premium. 99.9% of chinese heli are z19e’s

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