Discrepancy between AHEAD and 3UO8

The munitions in question come from the German PUMA and the Russian 2S38.

The 3UO8 munition used by the 2S38 is defined as a HE-VT shell with a 6-meter trigger radius, making it a proximity shell in-game. While this isn’t truly HE-VT, it is a working implementation, and I have no problem with it.

The AHEAD munition, in reality being an timed fuze shell, should then function the same, no? Yet, for some reason, in War Thunder, the AHEAD must be manually ranged to use the airburst capability, rendering it useless in its intended purpose - that being anti-air.
“As the rounds leave the barrel, the time delay fuse in each projectile is programmed to eject its lethal payload of spin-stabilized tungsten cylinders at the optimum moment, taking into account the distance to the target and the round’s initial velocity.”

This is odd, as the two shells function on the same principle, yet only one is usable as intended in the game.
I refuse to give in to the “oOOOoOOO rUsSiAn bIAs” reasoning, as it may simply be an oversight.

Here’s a video further explaining how the AHEAD airburst munition functions:


According to gaijin 3UO8 is true HE-VT irl.

Correct, and I’m not saying it isn’t - but in-game it’s handled as a proxy fuze projectile, while AHEAD, which works on the same principle, is treated as a manually-set VT fuze projectile.

I mean gaijin says that 3UO8 has radio fuze

According to what I could find, the two shells are nigh-identical, save for the different ways of programming the fuze and subprojectile placement. The AHEAD is programmed via induction as it exits the barrel, while the 3OU8 is programmed via laser. As such, both should function the same way in-game.

Attached below are the images I found about the rounds’ composition.

talking about it doesnt do anything, the matter practicaly is talked dead already, there is bug reports for AHEAD since 1 it is to weak doesnt work right and 2 doesnt programm automaticaly like it should, the problem is that currently the puma is the only vehicle that uses a air burst round and they dont wanna /time wasted to specialy programm a new round for 1 single vehicle, same reason besides balancing we arent getting FAPDS rounds for Gepard1A2.

If we are lucky we will get improved AHEAD with PUMA S1, but at the latest when we get dedicated spaa system that use them like the skyranger system

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It would seem that way, yes, but I sincerely hope you’re wrong.

They say that AHEAD looking round isn’t 3UO8 represented in game

The MFS and the 3UO8 HE are different shell. As seen in the image, the 3UO8 has nose fuze.

Yeah. MFS is 3UO6. Found it today on expo.

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There are more alike shells like the CV90 air-burst shell that are also not working properly, it is really frustrating. Hope they will adress all of them in the near future. Talked to a moderator and tech guy a while back and he said they are aware of the situation but wont do anything for the time beeing since according to them it will take some time to create and implement changes.

While newer models of vehicle are coming out in the near future so will the updated shell types according to sources but when will that be? :) …