Disable heli spawn at the beggining of the game

WHY is there a possibility to spawn in choppers with certain payloads immediately after the game begins? No aircraft should be able to spawn right away in GROUND battles. Nobody but heli mains likes this mechanic and there literally is no valid reason for this to be allowed.

Inb4 counter it with SPAA.
But I want to play other vehicles, not damn SPAA’s.


This is just my thoughts.
I like the dynamic that first spawn helis cause. The pressure I feel not to get spotted, or otherwise machine gun them.
They’re as powerful as we let them be in my eyes.

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Ok, but some vehicles don’t have any counterplay to helis. Their main and secondary armament are not sufficient enough to consistently, if effectively, fight the helis, and by being sneaky and staying hidden you give up on early game positions, which is a lose-lose situation, because either you get spotted and decimated by a chopper or you pray that it doesn’t notice you when you try to wait out the danger.

Anyway, early game chopper spawns are pretty much 99% of the time suicide runs, so it’s a dumb way to gain kills. Sure, sometimes you don’t get any frags, but helis can accurately shoot rockets even when they are shot down with missing tail, so it’s a no brainer anyway and makes the gameplay more frustrating for no particular reason.



Rockets-only helicopters aren’t that much of a concern at top tier given how dogshit the postpen of HEAT rounds is. From time to time is possible to die to a Ka-50 without tail; but, according to my observations, that’s a weird occurrence.

The only dangerous first spawn helis are the AH Mk.1 with Starstreaks or the TT Z-19 with TY90s. However, those 2 are very rare to see.

EDIT: First spawn helicopters stopped being a viable strategy when they put an end to the thermobaric S-13 rockets.

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I’m not talking about top tier experience, because I haven’t even touched top tier in like 2 years.
I’m talking about 7.0 - 9.0 bracket.

Helis at those BRs are super easy to kill, and would not be very good if they were restricted from spawning at the beginning of a battle.

As I said, some vehicles are extremaly voulnerable to choppers and have pretty much no counterplay to them at this BR bracket, so by taking a wide flank on an open map, where you have no nearby support whatsoever ends up in you being obliterated.
And I’m gonna say this once again: I really think you shouldn’t be able to jump into a chopper in GRB without playing with a ground vehicle first.

So the high tier version of cap and fly then?

Yes, that’s still a better solution than spawning in a chopper right away, because:
a) you are not guaranteed to play a chopper
b) you are forced to play a ground vehicle in GRB shocking

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And choppers are incredibly venerable to anything with an autocannon or machine gun, rocket only helis just aren’t that good in general, which is why they should have an advantage (first spawn).


Ok, so how about avoiding deadly machine guns by engaging enemies in a mid and late game when they are distracted by fighting other vehicles and securing objectives rather than doing suicide runs right away when you are the only target?

If you want to play with choppers so much maybe play other game modes that are focused on this class?

You clearly have never played a helicopter with rockets… let alone a helicopter in general cause if you did, you’d know it’s a literal nightmare.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to not die immediately?

Aside from the Ka-50 and 52, most helicopters can barely fly past their spawns without being wacked down to earth by an XM1069 ADATS or a PANTSIR SPAASAM.

Using unguided rockets is extremely difficult if the enemy team has a Begleit, 2S38, PUMA, or BMP-2M.

In fact, you should be encouraging more helicopters to play actively rather than hide in their helicopter spawns and dumping missiles the whole game while their team lose capture points.

And as you’ve said, you’re talking about pre 9.0 helicopters which, for the rocket ones, often have it the worst. They don’t have a CCIP making them have to get up close for accurate rocket kills. A single aware gun AA can be enough to keep them from poking their nose around. The Gepard is actually a good first spawn AA and I’ve gotten nukes from both of them from first spawning.

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Guess what, I did!

Nice reading comprehension.

So suicide runs are preferable?

Seething heli main xd you can grind better choppers with ground units anyway, so if you find suicide runs too difficult for you maybe you should play more with ground units instead.

You have a gun/ATGM launcher ?
Then you have something to counter them.

I mean,… most helicopters fly low, because they’re armed with unguided rockets

helicopters are made to SUPPORT GROUND UNITS → shocking

You have 2 possibilities:
Have no guided weapons → spawn directly make yourself vulnerable to the ennemy gun fire.

Have guided weapons —> spawn later and be untouchable

If you prefer to only see untouchable helis, then ok, but not being able to spawn right away with unguided stuff means that SP cost must be lower for any kind of weapons we can use.

Sure, I love sniping hellis in things like u-sh 405, strv 103, amx-13-90 and other things with poor gun elevation/bad machine guns/slow turret rotation speed etc.
That’s such a great and reliable counterplay oh my!

Never said it is,… but you have a possibility to do it when they’re closing in.

And so are some planes. Is it a valid excuse for them to be able to spawn righ away?

I know how it works, but spawning in any aircraft should be a reward after achieving a good performance on ground, not a viable GRB playstyle. If you want to play it differently you should go for other game modes. I’m going to say it once again: spawning in a heli right away is not a feature that enriches the gameplay in any reasonable way.

  1. You’re KD in helicopters is low and barely above 1.0 for any of these vehicles, so I can’t comprehend how you think they’re overpowered.

  2. Don’t use insults. It’s rude and this place is for debates, not fights.

  3. You don’t have to Rush to get Unguided rocket kills at most helicopter battle ratings. The only ones you do are typically 9.0 and below because they require you to get close. And yes, I also believe that Helicopter Rushing is preferable over helicopters camping their air base with missiles.

  4. I’m not a helicopter main, but I do like playing helicopters with rockets. People like you gripe about helicopter players who actually have to use skill to get consistent kills and not just 1 every few matches. Once again, do not insult me. It is rude and uncalled for.

The difference is in how they’re used IRL.

Helicopters can fly by convoys for long time, and then procure some protection before/into/after battle,…

Planes are called to take-off or change course to be directed on the area, so they can’t be here at the first moment of a unprepared battle.