Disable Crew Lock by spending Silver Lions

Allow users to spend Silver Lions (say, the full repair cost of the vehicle?) to unlock the crew.

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Or maybe stop doing things that lock put your crews?


Sounds to me like you’d like to propose a new system for crew locks? if so then head over here and check if any threads regarding crew locks exist already. If not suggest away! c:

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I suggest crew lock to not engage when i get a kill go groundstriking get a few targets, then screw it up and crash.

This but for GE

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yeah get rid of crew locks , boom fixed, 10 year vet here telling you this, in 10 years this mechanic has always been awful

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Such as?

Silver Lions are part of the ingame economy and serve a purpose ingame.

If this thread refines the idea yes that would be the idea. I don’t know what specifically would be the most logical way to measure silver lions for unlocking the crew hence my question in the title post. There’s already two different opinions offered one saying it should be for Golden Eagles and one saying don’t commit actions which engage crew lock.

So does GE

Not a bad idea. I’d say 20k SL which is the average cost for earning SL on a “Ok” performance match. That’s like 50’ish GE worth of SL maybe.

The only problem is that people would rather pay some SL and wont get punished that hard. Maybe if there was a limited amount of times one can do that could be doable. Like 3 chances per day or something to avoid such thing or make it like a task change would. Increase the amount each time you spend SL or GE. Gaijin can make some profit from this.

Vam tends to do this Culu, he makes a post in discussion but will never actually make a suggestion. It is often a demand for something he wants but everyone doesn’t. As its often a dumb idea.

At least this time it isnt a “remove all tanks from X br” or some claim that is disproven by a single match or some basic knowledge of certain vehicles.

As for crew lock. Maybe do something where you get rid of the crew lock but you will make no profit from the match.

I know, but it wont stop be from suggesting the proper way of going about a suggestion. If he chooses to listen or not that’s up to him at this point.

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GE is not earned ingame and has no impact on the ingame economy or its balancing.

I make suggestions all the time they are not approved. I generally won’t make a suggestion for a feature unless I’ve already made a discussion thread about it to you know, discuss the idea.

As I stated outright in my other comment I would love to make a suggestion post but there is no reason in doing so before I’ve seen discussion around the idea and its merits / best format.


Understandable have a nice day and don’t mind the ones responding, I tend to ignore them. Man, they are pissed.