Disable Crew Lock by spending Silver Lions

This would also be an interesting punishment. Disable SL earning for [x] matches?

Because it incentivizes Gaijin to reduce the threshold for a crew lock in order to increase the drain on SL and does not incentivize them to actually fix the problem of unfair crew locks.

These two statements are antithetical of each other. You either are aware of what I do or you aren’t.

Yes a negative impact on SL. A compromise.

I don’t believe Gaijin is willing to remove crew locks entirely.

Its not a compromise. Its a bad idea. Its an invitation for Gaijin to abuse players.

Gaijin has rectified the major economy issue that being repair costs. This system proposed is something to bypass a system which is currently arbitrary. If it isn’t applied the SL economy is unchanged, if it is applied the SL economy still is unchanged, you have the personal option to bypass crew lock or continue playing the old way and waiting [x] minutes.

Since you seem heavily interested in this idea being put as a suggestion why might I ask aren’t you doing it yourself?

Another question, why doesn’t the suggestions section send a message when a topic is denied with a brief reasoning for denial? I’m sure players would be much more encouraged to make suggestions if they knew why their post was summarily deleted.

Thats not what you said

Crew Lock is a bad, and useless concept. Players leave early for a number of reasons and most of them are directly caused by game mechanics. It just leads to situations where players either artificially reduce their choices for a match, or simply ignore the lock and simply play on 1 or 2 rounds without having access to certain vehicles, which does more harm than good.

Crew lock should be removed. It exists as a mechanic to try and force people to “try harder” for the sake of their team and the game’s health, but War Thunder has dozens of mechanics and rules that fly directly in the face of that.

If there is no rule requiring me to be friendly, cooperative, competitive, or competent AND Gaijin themselves sell single vehicles to clog matchmaking with single-spawn grinders, who is this rule for? It literally exists to try and force players who run real lineups to be content for the people who are either half-skilled or half-serious from the moment they clicked the battle button. If you want your team to WANT to be around you, try being something people want to be around.

Is this a serious and unironic statement?

It’s true, I can lock into a 12.0 match with a sturmtiger and fish for 2km kills for youtube clips all while being a wet fart of a human being in chat and no matter how many times I do it, I’m technically not doing anything wrong as long as I don’t harass or use a gamer word.

Now I LIKE that it is this way, I think everyone should play the way that they want to. There are hundreds of competitive/PvP games that allow players to start and stop playing whenever they want without penalty and they all do just fine. There is nothing to be gained by forcing someone who doesn’t want to play with you anymore to keep playing. As I said, “it literally exists to try and force players who run real lineups to be content for the people who are either half-skilled or half-serious from the moment they clicked the battle button.”

I don’t think that’s a good idea for two reasons. 1- It would favour players with lots of expendable SL, and 2- It would undermine the entire premise of crew lock to begin with: To dissuade players from leaving matches early, and/or to encourage them to check their connection quality.


Positive SL is gained through time and through good play. Favoring players who play well isn’t a negative.

The point of being able to bypass crewlock would be to undermine crewlock in its current form yes, its current form is arbitrary and already easily bypassed / abused. At least with this system players have the choice of bypassing it with an investment of ingame currency.

Typical is what I’d call them, they get offended by the little things. Then report you.

Yep they got pissy and is reporting these messages for stating facts.

Thats be background idea, but its not taking into account how the match is going and other design elements actively work against it.

  • My most locked crew is my SPAA. Its the cheapest vehicle and on some matches going badly it quickly becomes the last one i could spawn, but the situation does not turn it into a viable option. So if i leave, it gets locked. Since i dont wait until its unlocked it is not available to me for some matches.
  • The overal team performance is also ignored. Some matches are not worth it to try because the difference in strength or tactics is just to big.
  • Tasks also play a role here. If i have a task and all my capable tanks are destroyed, or tehre is no way to make progress, there is no reason for me to continue unless its evident that there is a good chance to win.

Overall i find the mechanic very lacking and i just started to completely ignore it. If my SPAA is locked, as mentioned befor, then its simply not available. This just turns the mechanic into bad luck for the next team if i should need it.

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The reason your messages are reported is because they’re offtopic and have nothing to do with the thread. Your personal fixation with forum users is disturbing.

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Just disable crew lock.

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I do not believe Gaijin is willing to remove crew lock entirely. I also believe there should be some measure of punishment to discourage spam leaving / joining games whatever the reason for doing so. Having a negative economic incentive which is optional to use is I think the best compromise.

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