Did those dev at Gaijin changed 6.0 matchmaking?

Before La Royale I always got 6v6 german game regardless of the plane, as long as it can be shoved into 6.0 it will automatically placed with other 288.

Now somehow i’m fighting more enemy with more variation, where i usually NEVER met Japanese or soviet teammate, now it feels like there’s at least 5 nation total between all participant with different composition.

Did they fixed the matchmaking for this range?

probably just grinding the event or something

I hope so. A lot of my favourite planes are at that BR range, but completely unplayable because of the JU288 spam.

Probably just more people playing that BR range. A lot of cannons also got buffed recently so that might of brought people back.

They probably banned a whole lot of bots perhaps, Ju288 was botted to hell and back.

I’m not sure what is happening. I am getting a greater proportion of heavily uptiered matches than normal, which I think is the BR change. I am also getting more unbalanced matches, which is normal for the event.

While grinding 5.0-6.0 Germany I got mixed results during the entire time so it is nothing new I believe.

When you are in a 6 v 6 Ju288 match in say a 5.3 Spit or 5.0 Me 410 someone in exactly the same plane might well be in a normal match at the very same moment.

Like most situations in game it is personally random.