Did the MICA got nerfed?

i tried the mica today i felt it isnt good as it was on the first day of the update. i tested it with my friend in custom and i saw that it doesnt pull as hard as it was, it feels like 30g not 50g thrust vectoring and the range is awful and when shot it from long range it starts to wiggle at launch.

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AFAIK it has not been changed. Just like the AAM-4 and Derby, the MICA is unfinished and the patch was rushed. Hopefully soon, its issues are ironed out.

The MICA is useless for a Fox 3 right now.
It works only close range below 15km.
If u fire it above 15km it has no energy when it is reaching the target and easy to dodge by accident.

If u are french main and facing the 120 slingers all the time, every match starts with flying defensive, doge 1,2,3 or even more 120 to get closer, hope nothing catches you, congrats, now sling your micas and die to the space shuttle f15 diving on you.

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G pull is a non stat it literally doesn’t mean anything

The MICA only pulls slightly harder than the AMRAAM

Every missile does this

Got 3 kills out of 4 launches at 35km yday,sure the max range is worse than AMRAAM but we knew that.

This is possible, but if the other pilot is distracted by dodging another missile or something, 20km+ shots will work. But that is not what I meant. It’s the general lack of energy above 20km.

With the 120 you can force the enemy to be on the defensive every time because no other missile can do anything against you, sure you can always find a gap in a spamraam area while flying around and get the enemy, but in theroy 120 slingers, if played correctly and the pilot is aware, you have a bad time.

and for the pro players: i know, skill issue

What do you mean “we knew that” ?

The MICA is far from performing as it should.

For starters its range is capped at 50km when it’s supposed to go up to 80km.
For some reason it still has the wrong caliber, giving it more drag.
Even with that, it clearly has too much drag, there is no scenario where it will reach the 50km mark.

The furthest I manage to make it go was 40km in perfect conditions (impossible in a real battle).

It’s laughably bad at range.
The only saving grace it has is the TVC giving it a slight edge in close range and that’s it.

We have no explanation for why it’s in such a state, and no reason to think it will be fixed anytime soon or ever.

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I know,the we knew that is that we knew since dev the range on MICA is worse than AMRAAM ig.

Oh ok I misunderstood.

Since the wobbling has been mostly fixed, most people seem to think it’s now performing as it’s supposed to…

I thought you were one of them, my bad.