Did Gaijin forget Britain and France in the last BR update?

With the last BR update all the Mig 15s and F86 sabres had their BR reduced by 0.3 to help reduce the frequency of the unfair fights with F104 starfighters. But what about every other nation that doesn’t have a Mig or sabre? The British and French along with Israel and Sweden are now to suffer! Take Britain now the Swift F1, F7, Javelin and Venom are now at the same BR or higher than the Mig 15 and sabre. No reduction here.

Then we have France. The MD 452 is in my assessment a worse plane than the Mig 15 and F86, it is slower and has inferior turn rate but now sits at the same BR.

Only time will provide the evidence that the last BR update has failed to solve the balance problem, but for now it has just shifted it to another level.


It makes no sense to shift swathes of aircraft down, literally by the dozens, to attempt to smooth out a bracket.

It defeats the purpose of incrementally balancing then assessing, and can lead to even worse issues.


Agreed. I can’t comprehend why moving down the entire 8.3 and 8.7 brackets to 8.0 and 8.3 was done instead of just moving the F-104s to 9.7. Yeah, the F-104 would be bodied by that, but that’s preferable to the formerly 8.3s and 8.7s dominating that 7.0 area where new players get their first jets.

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I don’t mind, my MiG-15Bis is king once more

The really awful part is the MiG-15bis ISh at 8.0. That has a barely noticable performance hit compared to the MiG-15bis, is still better than the MiG-15, is a better CAS platform, and is somehow 8.0.


Most BR changes fail because they refuse to change the problem’s BR, instead they decrease BR of others which end up generating even more problems.

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Probably all of the new users who buy it and don’t know how to use it :\