Did Gaijin accidentally nerf .50 caliber rounds again?

It feels like they did. It feels like they can’t get this, or anything, right. But then it is Gaijin. Maybe you should give up on Realshatter, Gaijin.

Realshatter never affected 50cal rounds, but it is entirely possible that 50 cal damage was were changed in some way.


It feels like I am only tickling things I should be killing tonight.

I played CL-13 and F-40 Sabre in few days ago but, didn’t see any problems.


Maybe it’s just Chinese .50s then.

Been killing with M16s .50 cal soooo i don’t think so.

.50 cals are shredding my german planes as normal, nothing new here.

Seems like it’s at a well-balanced point where it rewards good aim but doesn’t one-shot as often as cannons.


Honestly, the M3 50cal is still horrible, sometimes it works like a 30mm for somehow.

It is kinda RNG.

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Bold to assume and use the word “accidentally”

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Chinese 50cal has always been slightly worse than american, maybe you just didn’t notice before

Yeah right. Any proof for that in game files?

This is a bit complicated as the only chinese aircraft to use actually chinese machine guns are helicopters when equipped with them, those are actually better than brownings but also absolutely irrelevant.
As you may know chinese air tree has a lot of american planes, some soviet/chinese planes and a few japanese planes.

  • The soviet planes use small machine guns or cannons so we can’t even look at them
  • The american planes use a lot of 50cals (identical to american as far as I know) and 20mm cannons at high tiers
  • The regular japanese planes have ho-103 and it is noticeably worse than the american machine guns
    So yes, the chinese air tree does have worse heavy machine guns but you aren’t exactly forced to use them

I didn’t. Now that I think about it all their .50 belts have a lot of AP/API rounds.

It’s 3 12.7s or possibly 6 slapping into your wing. A 12.7 isn’t a tiny round and the explosive mass in one would most certainly be scary.

However, the current M3 .50 doesn’t seem to differentiate the damage from the 20mm cannons like that.
Ofc he didn’t get any damages before I shot him btw.

The whole luftwaffe spawning as CAS in ground rb: today they will feel our wrath!!!
One m18 with a .50 cal: N U H U H