[Development] Namer 30: Desert Feline

lol The only way Israel could be added to War Thunder is as a standalone tree.
Israel still has more unique vehicles than China, and China has rank 1 - 3 added, if it was a sub-tree, that’d be 4 lines of vehicles… which you just have as a dedicated tech tree.

Hungarian ground is mostly unique vehicles.
BeNeLux is mostly unique vehicles.

Hungarian air is the only copy-paste sub-tree added to the game.
China is the only tech tree in the game with heavy copy-paste, and even then it’ll be mostly unique soon enough.



5 - 7 unique vehicles for BeNe depending on how pedantic you want to be.
I’m not pedantic, so I say 7.

The Magach Hydra is definitely one of the more fun vehicles in the Israeli tree.

I’ll forever have the Gal Batash as my favorite. (I judge based on appearance)

Gal Batash looks beautiful, but I’m warming up to the 7C.

I hope we’ll see the Sabra soon

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This is beautiful ;-;

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Not just that Gaijin crippled, probably best ATGM out there:

But they are even joking about it…

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Not even. The DM12 is unitary charge. The Namer shrugs off Kornet ATGMs with a dual charge.
A DM12 wouldn’t even be able to pierce the side armor of a Namer.
Hamas has been trying its best to crack open even one of these with mines, IEDs, tandem RPGs, sticky charges, ATGMs, drones dropping RPGs and AT grenades… So far they only managed to destroy 2 AFVs in over 8 months, and only one of these is a Namer.

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according to the IDF, the merkava mk 4 should weight 80-82 tons

I made a post about that, linking many big reports filled with many sources, but, unexpectedly, the community’s reaction was to bash me for “trying to ruin and nerf Merkava”, hahah.

My post was aimed at the logic: “if it weighs 80 tons, it SURELY needs to be way stronger than it currently is ingame”, but the general perception appeared to be that “Gaijin would just increase the weight but not the armor”, so after a few hours of constant bashing, I just deleted it xD


Idk why you would expect Gaijin to make it better though? Anytime we suggest change they always default to the monkey’s paw solution. See stock heat, stock Aim9m vs R-73 ( think that was you btw), win vs. loss rp rewards poll or any number of other myriad “solutions” from Gaijin. Think you’d be pretty hard pressed to make a real case for Gaijin even minimally liking the ISR tech tree. Inevitably Gaijin would make it 80 tons and not substantially buff the armor in any meaningful way.

Merkavas used to have a good turret. But it wasn’t any better than the 2a5 yet everyone griped and moaned so it was nerfed into oblivion. Took them 2 years to fix the 2 ammo pieces of insta-death. And then just when they buff the reload to actually be competitive they also bring the Abrams and Leclerc reload down to 5 seconds. Vehicles that are significantly better by any real objective standpoint. Gaijin hates ISR and have since they introduced them. The Namer just being the newest case in obvious tomfoolery from Gaijin. The most armored IFV in the world…

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Wish you wouldn’t have, I totally agreed with your points and post. Just a bunch of idiots who didn’t understand that gaijin literally tried to buff the merks armor once on a dev server but didn’t only because they said it didn’t weigh enough lmaooo. Gimme my 780mm KE turret cheeks gaijoobles!

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One other thing:

Gaijin, why “desert feline”? Where exactly do you see a desert?
Israel has only one desert, and no major battle occurred there in over 50 years.

I know it’s probably not the best thing to say, but I really don’t think they have anyone who knows a thing about Israel on the Dev Team.

That comment got me a ban at one point 😐

If it does, it’ll be my 3rd. No biggie.

I don’t even know how many I’m at anymore. Get them for absolutely stupid things. Usually the same 3 clowns mass reporting everything and flagging it.