Destructibility of Environments

In many ways, War Thunder has become very antiquated in terms of game design. One of the most glaring issues with the game is that the environment in ground battles is relatively static. For instance, you can drop an 5,000 kg bomb on a building or bridge (even some trees) and it may have zero effect. Some buildings function as physics-defying shields and others are completely permeable (these are relatively few in number and laughably bad at times, such as the archways in Tunisia) and players are left to guess at which category the building in question falls under.

I propose that Gaijin revamp the destructibility of structures and terrain and their effects with the goal of making every structure in the game destructible. This would really breathe new life into the game by making it more realistic and open up new tactics for achieving victory.


Totally agree. It beggars belief that armour-piercing ammo often isn’t able to penetrate wooden or tin buildings, shipping containers, knock down trees, etc. Made even worse by the fact that often it does one minute, and then an update is rolled out and now it doesn’t, or does in some cases and not others.