Destroyed without reason

Hi, I have a problem. During a battle on Afghanistan with my Mig-23BN, I have exploded with no apparent reason. I have watched the replay and I still don’t see a reason for my destruction. I just remember that I exploded at the moment I launched a rocket. Here is the link leading to the replay:
The scene takes place at 5:40.

Can I have your opinion on what happened ?

Thank you

Indeed very odd … I hope it is ok if I show some screenshots of your replay here for others.

Just a second before … nobody around … and out of the sudden “crash”

Even battle log:

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Oh, Lord… is Gaijin modelling bird strikes now? :D


Well … maybe a gamemaster has an idea?

@Schindibee you got any clue what this could be? It really comes out of nothing. In GRB mode, I’m used to finding stones in the ground that I can’t see when I’m travelling at high speed and they pull my track. But this is new for me.

Yes of course you’re right to show the screenshots. I should have done that.
I have found the answer, my victory point was 666 at that moment, the number of the Devil ^^


For flying that fast you need premium


Or did the premium expired right in this moment?

Where is F-22 in Dev hands?

Engine go boom

That’s probably your answer right there. The game probably desynced and your own rocket hit you when you launched it,

I’m afraid I don’t. I guess a tech mod would be more suitable to ask here…

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Thank you for taking the time anyway. o7

There’s another in the TK thread that could do with a tech mod reviewing it…

Player was behind a player and got crited and TKed by the guy in front just firing guns.

As I said, nothing I can do here…