Designed around profits

If you can come to grips with a free game that sells premium vehicles that are better than the grind experience, you will then and only then enjoy the game.

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Make friends, get comms, play to do well. Best advice I can give you

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The premium vehicles, premium account, and golden eagles keep the game alive by paying for the operating costs. It is free for around 80% of players because 20 percent are willing to pay for the premium content. Just remember that those people that buy premium content make it possible for the game to still exist and have regular updates. In terms of getting past it, just be thankful that those people are willing to pay money to keep the game alive and free for the players that don’t/can’t pay for it.


Reduce your expectations to match your investment in the game.

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I strongly resonate with many of the points raised by others above: the game does not run on “air”. Premium vehicles generate funding for the game. However, I am not sure what you mean by “premium vehicles that are better than the grind experience”. If you argue that premium vehicles make grinding simpler, isn’t that the main purpose of all premium vehicles?


The premiums are better than the grind! what dont u understand??

You are being ambiguous. Better in what way? By speeding up the grind? Having more powerful vehicles? Because even if you have a premium vehicle or account, you still have to grind the tech tree. So, what are you referring to? Finally, mind your tone.

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Of course it is designed around profits - that what companies do - make products and/or supply services for a profit.

WTF you expect otherwise??
Oh dear - someone thinks the above is offensive!!! I guess there’s commies everywhere now…

That is why they are called PREMIUMS and not regulars. They are an additional premium add on that costs money. So if you spend money you reap the rewards of having a vehicle that earns more rp/sl and can grind all vehicles below it’s rank.

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I wonder if anyone actually understands a statement and not a question!

You initially asked how you could get past that people can buy premiums. It shows when you edit posts. So you did ask a question at first.

I’d like to add play some music, use vehicles you enjoy, and don’t worry so much about the grind or competition

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Statement not a question…

“During the nights, it is colder than outside.”


Thank you.

Of course the game is designed around profits…no profits = no game.

And with the f2p system, the grind and collectibles are the easiest ways to generate revenue.


Today more than 90% are paying premium somehow,… → only 10% are completely free players.

The game itself shows F2P model are perfect to “suck out the milk” of players.

Yet, don’t think that it’s only 20% of paying users that are currently in the game.

I’m pretty sure that most of them bought a Jet, or a high tier tank ← those are premium stuff.

Of course, they’re not paying a subscription or whatever, and the game deleted any chances to win some Golden Eagle Wager since long ago.

The only way to obtain premium vehicules is through events, and those are limited to rank 3 and less → all rank 4 and aboves aren’t premium vehicules but normal vehicules set as event ones.

Finally, only the Squadrons vehicules permits a free shortenned way to top tier (A-4E)

This is such an infuriating mindset that only seeks to enable gaijin and other companies to exploit their consumerbases more and more

“Premium vehicles are better than the grind” is not how English works. 1 vehicle cannot be better than the collective grind because that’s not how a comparison works. Premiums speed up the grind. What I think you’re trying to say is that a lot of premiums are better than standard tech tree vehicles, and that is true.

Premiums being outright better than tech tree vehicles is a problem, but if you think that a game can run entirely free to play and not sell anything, especially with War Thunder’s playerbase size and the cost of adding a vehicle (just 1 model is around $10,000 USD before the cockpit), then you have no clue how business works. It costs money to run the game and that money needs to come from somwhere.

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