Designed around profits

What source do you have for this?

None. If I remember correctly, Gaijin has actually explicitly stated that over 80% of players never spend a single cent on the game. @Cpt_Bel_V has just made that statistic up.

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Based on the fact that Top tiers are abounded by 60-70% of premium aircrafts–> and that most of those not playing such premium aircrafts used them to grind fast their mighty F-16C or F-15A or whatever counterpart of any nation.

Of course the stat i give is clearly not official, nor it is relevant of other Servers than EU,… but the 20% seems very too low, considering the current population of premiums,…

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But this is how F2P games always worked.

I see what you are doing. But you have to avoid the frequency trap. People who spend 70$ will often use this and only this premium repeatedly. So the flood of premiums you observe in top tier could be the same players over and over again. I just spaded my J-7E and started to note reoccuring names.
But in low tier arcade, the matches have lots of non premium vehicles. Which may actually represent way more people.

So tired of people bringing up this ‘the game needs to make money’ argument that somehow justifies all and any form of monetization and schemes.

This is called the fallacy of composition. It’s a logical fallacy of assuming that a statement is true of the whole based on it being true for a part of the whole.

Of the people who buy premiums, a much higher percentage of them will be buying top tier premiums than any other kind, therefore top tier will have a giant flood of premiums, but that doesn’t make it true of the entire game.

That same logic would apply inversely to gaijins statistics as they include accounts that are created and are essentially never played or used. Timmy creates an account but never launches a battle, Gaijin considers this a free to play account. The vast majority of the free to play accounts are indeed never played or only played for a few battles. This same logic applies to people that have accounts across platforms, that remain idle.

That is true. That has likely inflated the statistics.

we have reached in nov. 2022 : 70million of players
War Thunder - Wikipedia.

and we have like 120.000 - 160.000 conccurent players.

we also don’t know for which period of time was considered the 80% of Free users

but for sure is that Statistic inflated

It is one thing when premium vehicles get reward multipliers,
It is another thing when many premiums get bias.
2S38 at 10.0? F5C being at too low of a br while getting flares while historically it shouldn’t? Ka-50 surviving multiple missiles unscaved and still not being moved up in br?
Bias is a thing, bias is prefferential treatment by Gaijin, like unjustified br placements.
ANd bias stacks, therfore premium bias + ussr bias = mayham.
Any argument against this is absolete.

Peaks at lower BR are nothing compared to top tier, below 5.0 the highest is 29k, at top tier that’s almost 10x as much at 250k.


Hi, sorry for being late with answer. Let me get something clear, most of the premium tanks are same thing to their counterparts in tech tree. Take a M1KVT or Wolfpack for example. Tanks have same performances, use same guns, same shells, shells do same penetration,both variants have thermals, etc. Only difference between them is that premium gives you more RP and SL.

You have many vehicles that are premium but are either similar or completely same as their counterparts in tech tree.

Edit: And please watch your tone while speaking with moderators.

And using tech tree vehicles I still get one top BR aircraft within 20 hours of play, sometimes as low as 8 hours of play.

Play to experience the vehicles, not to progress.
And if you get bored of a vehicle you can always swap.

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markoboy878 Who are you referring to about “tone”? No one is giving a tone so don’t be that guy, KISS KISS!