Derby / R-darter useless

Both of these missiles are using INSANE loft even at short ranges, killing its acceleration, max speed and then they have to use massive turn for intercept, often missing. Anyone else feeling its absolutely wrong?


Adjust your play approach and launch agnles.

its doing it from literally flying straight

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Yeah, my first game using R-Darter, fired at an F-15 13 km off my front, same altitude, the R-Darter immediately went nearly vertical and then had to try pulling a 180 on no energy to hit him, and obviously missed. But overall the missile seems alright.


fly me to the moon is always playing when these missiles are fired

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No, you don’t understand, they loft at practically 90 degrees, they fall down on their targets from so far up they end up behind them. I’m not even kidding…
It doesn’t matter if you’re pointing your nose down when you fire, they loft to see Jesus every time.


The Derby is probably my favorite ARH missile just because of how funny the stupid flight pattern i can imagine for those with it as their only ARH missile it’s frustrating though. It’s near impossible to kill people at >15km and at times it feels like it may even be lofting the seeker out of FOV of enemies.

Yes ,darter and derby need urgent rework ,someone should make report on them cause irl they should be better than 120 a , Gaijin complety screwed up there FM to make them balanced with aim120a but managed to make them far inferior doing so ,iv heard mica and r 77 are underperforming too but can t talk about them as i dont play them

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Gripen didn t even use darter

Apparently the South African Gripen did, which wouldn’t suprise me given the R-Darter is just the Derby, which can fit on the rails the gripen uses

Edit: you realize in the image you shared, it literally lists Derby as a potential weapon… right?

Did they nerf the derby? I swear this missile misses even more and loses track instantly.

They might have made some chaff changed.

Just gonna drop this here: as of an update not too long ago, the Derby no longer lofts to see Jesus every time it’s launched. You can now use the Derby/R-Darter for BVR.

Yes. After loft change missile become worse)

Some dude did some tests.

Test: Altitude 10000(±15)m, speed 0,99(±0,1)M, 60 km launch, target - ~1 M (speed is the same in all tests).

For comparison: before the changes the missile hit the target at a speed of 1649 km/h and in 67.7 sec, and now with a speed of 1042 km/h and in 69.4. As you understand - you will not hit in principle, if the enemy makes any maneuver.