Delivered bomb load and rewards...?

Short question, as I never really played bombers:

I have unlocked the german Thunderstreak (BR 8.7) and have only the tier 1 fire bombs at the moment.
They are enough to destroy a base, but add very little bomb value to the statistic (~0.15 or so)

Does this value influence my score and the rewards, so would I get more with conventional bombs?

The follow up question would be what to research first.
Performance upgrades or the big 2000lbs bois?

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I dropped a few firebombs and didn’t like them. They only added to my scores but not RP or SL. So, I usually use normal bombs for bases.



playing the French F-84F I went for engine upgrades first but got 2000lb as soon as I could

Nothing makes sense and everything is broken. Thats sim for ya

You need 2000 and 1000 lb mixed together to destroy a base. This jet is very slow with bombs, so you have to decide you want to upgrade performance first or get bigger bombs.

Not really a sim thing. Napalm does not contribute much to TNT equivalent tonnage in all other modes too.
Its really only useful against bot vehicle convoys. You drop it along the road and the ones you don’t get, will mindlessly drive into the flames.

Thanks for the answers.
I will go for the 4x 1000 lbs and take some engine upgrade on the way.

Flying at treetop level should be save enough to stay alive and on the way home the thing is fast enough.

Pretty much the way I spaded the US/FR/IT F-84s. Think I had to prioritise performance upgrades, IIRC, because it struggles to get off the ground before the runway runs out. However, that was before we got some longer, more appropriate, runways, so performance upgrades might not be quite so vital now.

Yeah but it still applies does it not

The good thing is, that you can destroy a base in one attack with the napalm bombs.
That’s really good for tier 1.

Tried the 4x500lbs loadout yesterday and it took 3 runs until the base was destroyed.

For leveling the plane I would/will stay with napalm until I get the 4x1000lbs or 2x2000lbs.

They have lower drag and allow more top speed.