Deliberate lawndarting should reward a kill to the nearest enemy just like J-ing out

I don’t remember things being this bad a year ago, but the number of people that I see deliberately lawn-darting out of spite just to deny an opponent a kill is outrageous. I’ve seen a good dozen within the past 24 hours. I guess it’s due to the ground being so close due to the top tier meta having shifted to staying low to avoid SARH missiles.

Gaijin made the change to j-ing out to award the kill to the nearest enemy to prevent this spiteful and cowardly tactic. Now they’re doing the same thing again, and I don’t see a reason why the kill shouldn’t be award to the person who forced you into the ground.

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I think just upping the reward for dying would alleviate the situation.

Currently, a player gets 132 match points simply for dying to an enemy. If you crash into the ground, you get nothing. *I’m not sure how much RP this translates to.

I say increase that reward to what would equal 1000 RP after battle results. It will give the player a better reason not to suicide themselves. And at the very least, it’s a nice consolation prize for the people who didn’t have a successful battle.

Progression shouldn’t only be about kills. Time spent in a match (and battle queues) should be worth something. This 1000 RP upon death would be the “something”.


I don’t know if anyone even cares about the dying reward. I didn’t even know that was a thing. People just suicide out of spite to deny the kill. That’s the reason that the J-out change was made in the first place. It’s just seen a resurgence at higher tiers with all of the radar missiles forcing everyone low.

I could swear it used to be at least if somebody snapped their wing, you would get the kill if you were close to them.

I agree if you crash/snap a wing or something and die, the closest plane should get the kill or at least, closest for X timeframe anyway. It should just count it as you forcing them to crash and burn as a maneuver kill in general (so many people I have forced to eat dirt before getting guns on which just count as a suicide is a shame).

Would you rather have 1000 RP, or spite somebody for no reward? I’ll take the 1000 RP everytime. 😎

I’m not the one suicide into the dirt. Judging by the amount of people lawn darting, many would rather spite the opponent. There is a reason why Gaijin changed the J-out action to reward the kill to the nearest enemy, and suicidal lawn darting is functionally the same.