Deliberate hate against germany? Lets talk

Ok so i was mentioning it couple times but i guess
No one really cares other then people claiming german tree is overpowered (yea with 3 proper mbts 1 spaa and no effective support vehicles)
Not even going to mention air support
I mean Germany had the option to get a proper support vehicle (kf41) but i guess italy was preferable to have it on an Hungarian subtree.
And still waiting for spikes on pumas

Now this update
How dutch tree is on french tree if germany and Netherlands have greater military connections?

If no one convinced germany is deliberately hated
Then idk what to say really
Throughout history of major updates germany always got the “leftover crumbs”
If you say germany has nothing to offer just look at the suggestion list on germany both ground and air vehicles
Just insane how much it is ignored
And we got instead another unlimited amount of russian mbts
I mean
No one really asked himself why there’s so much russian mbts? Japan barely got 3 they literally begged for the last one they got
I mean come on.

Your opinions



The entire second world war.

Every update its the same circus. “Gaijin hates [insert player’s main tech tree]!!”.
There are have been 5 updates per year for over a decade now, for 10 countries, with 3 tech trees each. Wait for your turn, it is coming.


Ok then
Which country has closer ties with Germany then Netherlands? Except for Austria which would be a copy paste


Also you kinda getting off track of what im trying to say
As you said
5 updates per year
How come germany and japan tech tree are almost empty

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Not getting new stuff…

Japan crying in the corner rn:
Fr tho, any tech tree have their suffer tier, and for German it’s top tier. It still isn’t bad and are still very useable, just that Sweden is literally Ger top tier 2.0 with AJ37 instead of Tornado as cas. Ger do have pretty good low-mid tier and good heli.
Still pretty weird that Dutch stuff being added to Frenchie tho, not like the Bundeswehr own like all of their Leo 2s or anything.

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World War 2 is still half of the game. If you put the Netherlands with Germany, what do you do with the Fokkers? the Spitfires? the Typhoons? Do you split the subtree between Germany and the UK? It makes no sense.

And above all, no, Germany isn’t in dire need of being fleshed out.

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So when ww2 will become a quarter of tech trees they should remove the dutch subtree from france to Germany is that what you say?
Not going to mention that half of dutch arsenal is owned by bundeswehr but alright we’ll skip that part

German Tech Tree is hardly empty, in contrast to Italy pre Hungarian tree (which even now, is a lot of copy paste) or Japan.

I’m gonna be honest, deal with it. If you look at German Air Force, there’s a gap between the F-4 and typhoon? You’re not the only one, Britain had to wait 3 years from its Phantoms to get a Tornado F.3. I’m afraid everyone has gaps in capability, and this time its your turn as Germans in air. As far as I can see, ground you’re looking pretty gucci as you’ve got plenty of good stuff on the go as is, in contrast to say, Italy, which is relying on the subtree for good vehicles, or Britain, where the Chally is probably the second worst MBT after the Ariete

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same could be said about the leopards or f104 and f16s.

So imagine instead the hundreds of T series tanks they brought us to “fill holes” they could actually fill holes of japan germany and britain

they need to give the ICE aim9ms and maybe make a statement about the future of germanys air tree. Germany is fine on ground but air is lacking rank 6 and above. Would be nice if they adress their future plans


There’s nothing not to understand read it again

Except it makes sense to have those as part of a subtree for France since these countries have been on the same side of History for the last ~150 years.

We couldn’t possibly have Fokkers sitting next to bf109’s in the German tech tree, that’s just dumb. Or we would have to put WW2 vehicles into the French or British trees, which would defeat the entire point of the Netherlands as a German subtree.

Honestly Germany britain and japan all could get better stuff if we stood against getting more Russian mbts every single update


Well its mostly because Gaijin is currently filling line-up gaps in the minor TTs, although its being done poorly they are still patching gaps. Its not that Germany is ignored as much as its a situation of:

“What vehicles could we add that wouldn’t piss off German players because its not THE vehicle everybody wanted. There could be more light tanks, that would piss of the other spectrum. or Modern vehicles only would piss of ww2 nuts.”

That’s probably true of everyone though. Bar the Russians, of course.

Then what about hungary in Italy. Were on opposite sites in the cold war and do you see that there are east and west german planes in the german tree.
I don’t want a dutch subtree for germany but that reason is simply garbage. The reason netherlands is in france is because gaijin probably wanted to keep benelux together (gives more possibilites for unique vehicles aswell)

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