Delete MIG21 spsk's R13 and R60 or give back F100F's aim9p

Someone just complained that Mig21sps-k is terrible so it could be 9.7? This is really ridiculous. Last time Gaijin said because F100F doesn’t have flares, so considered not adding aim9p for it, then Gaijin gives aim9p to t-2, and now Gaijin reduces the BR of MIG21sps-k? EXM? F100F has worse FM but can take more 9P so they can in the same BR in 9.7. And F100f is much harder to control than MIG21-spsk, so it’s better to delete Mig21 spsk’s R60 and R13 to 9.3 or give back F100F’s aim9P.

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Tbh, MiG-21SPS-K should stay at 10.0BR because it is just down graded version of MiG-21MF/SMT.


I am really disappointed by Gaijin’s reaction, Just a few of the players complain sps-k, and Then forget other Vehicles in the lower BR, SPS-K in 9.7 is 100% a cancer, it is much better than mig21S.

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As far as I know, they could give x4 R-60s that was historical just like MiG-21PFM when it comes in dev server back then.

Yeah… It would be bit strong at 10.0BR but, still better than moving down to 9.7BR and spam R-60s against Venom FB.4 and CL-13 Mk.4.


if it is in 10.0, that’s ok, because it is worse than mig21mf or smt, because it needs to choose to take gun pod or flares, but yea, 9.7 is really stupid, I can’t imagine a mig21 how fast B&Z and launch 2 R13Ms kill 8.7-9.0’s planes

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The Mig-21SPS-K SUCKS. It does not need a nerf.

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Putting the MiG-21SPS-K is just another way for Gaijin to sell more premiums. They don’t care if it compromises gameplay balance, they just want that money.

You realize the SPS-K isn’t even on sale right…

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It will be again. The lower BR will only increase their FOMO marketing strategy.

Welp RIP 8.7

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How ironic.

There are so many aircraft sucks, not only Mig21sps-k

It has much less engine power, has only 2 r60s/r13s and needs to choose between the flares and gun. It’s much worse than the mig21mf and is only 0.3 below it. There should be a 0.7/0.6 difference at least. Then the mig 21 mf and smt need to move to 10.7 (but then they are to close to the much better mig21bis).

The problem is compression for all jets

21MF and SMT do not need to go to 10.7 until the Brs above it are much less compressed.

The 21SMT is one of the only competent Soviet airframes not currently being ruined by its matchmaker.

The SPS-K has 2 base model R-60s, a horrible engine, and has to choose between a gun and 2 missiles or 2 missiles and flares.
Well, unless you want to carry 4 R-3S’s. At 10.0.

It doesn’t get R-13s, and the F-100F gets 4 better missiles, as well as being 2 BR steps lower. Oh, right, and bullpups.

No, it’s a MiG-21PF. All it has over them is a better radar.

The only MiG-21s to get K-13M-2s are the MiG-21Bis’s.

Yes it does.

It gets R-13M1’s, the best R-13 variant.

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Pls, check again, SPS-K has R13M1

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Somehow, after checking twice, I missed those.