Delay spawning 10 seconds

Shooting someone then they respawn in 0.1 seconds is too fast

Stop sitting in their spawn then, this is the only way this would even be a problem…


The game mode is designed to assault the enemy spawn to prevent them from spawning. If the game was won by capturing points then this would not be an issue.

Why are you necroing your own thread just to argue a dumb point? Stop spawn camping.


The game mode is designed to assault the enemy spawn to prevent them from spawning. If the game was won by capturing points then this would not be an issue.

One way to win is to stop you being able to spawn, another way is by capturing the points… Your issue is just a you issue…

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funny. That only sounds like an issue for spawn campers. Hmmmmm…


The points being captured doesn’t instantly end the match it can take 2+ minutes for the timer to tick down there is no other option during that time but to rush and control the enemy spawn

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Spawn camping is a product of map design not the actions of players.

Players choose to play the map as badly as they choose… Spawn camping isn’t a definite win.


Spawn trapped spawn camping there’s two different things here.

If you rush out from match start to plant your ass on a hill which overlooks the enemy spawn because Gaijin doesn’t think about map topography when designing maps then you’re spawn camping.

If every point is captured and your spawn is ringed with 10 enemy tanks you’re spawn trapped, leave and head to the next match.

The game modes in the game other than the horrific single point matches which have their own set of issues encourage spawn trapping as the timer doesn’t tick fast enough while having 3 captured points.

If your team hold 3 captured points then enable fast ticking.

If Gaijin is unwilling to adjust game modes then adjust spawn immunity timers to 5 seconds.

This is triply an issue with SPAA which can just up and spawn under you and then kill you with impunity.

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Every issue under the sun then?

It’ll be a skill issue because of how much you want to paint it as a game/map issue compared to people not being aware.

Even from your first post, to this page of stuff, what the actual…

It’s a skill issue that an enemy tank has literally immunity to damage and also should he be killed the ability to instantly respawn ready to fire again with a refreshed immunity to damage.

The mental gymnastics at play to justify this.

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You Made me remember that dude i killed with the type 93 while he was killing all our teammates with cas he got angy he couldnt kill me because of my spawn protection so apparently Spawn protection it’s op and shouldn’t be a thing and it was my fault i was “abusing” spawn protection , yeah dude that’s why spawn protection is a thing, to avoid spawncampers

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So again, you come back to you spawn camping, to be upset about those who spawn in being invulnerable…

Stop camping thier spawn then complaining that they get spawn protection as they get that for a reason.

Spawn protection is protection for when you spawn. Being able to sit for 20 seconds with immunity to damage isn’t spawn protection it’s cheese.

Stop spawning.

I’m fine with sending you a message you cannot deny…

Maybe you need to stop wanting players to be vulnerable to your one-track mind in a game with multiple tactics.

While you may not be able to counter genuine playstyles, and actually play anything more than a spawn-rush mentality to stop people from spawning, others are able to fight thier way out of spawn, do communicate, and can handle the factor of being a death compared to a beastly killer.

Maybe you need to brush up on those other tactics rather than this obviously failed method you’re using right now…

After all, that’s the only reason you’d need them to spawn without protection.


I want game modes to end and not waste my time.

Right you are. However what you are proposing, from what i can see, would only be a concern for spawn campers. So what is your point? Just admit that you spawn camp lol

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