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The AV8 Gempita (Thunder) is a multirole modular armored fighting vehicle that is one of the centerpieces of Malaysia’s current efforts to modernize their equipment. It combines expertise from around the world to create a well-protected and well-armed platform for mechanized infantry operations. This particular variant brings the best of South Africa’s armaments expertise to the forefront as a lethal tank hunting platform.


  • High resolution thermal imager for the gunner
  • Highly accurate stabilized main cannon with laser ranging
  • Potent tandem SACLOS missiles with fire on the move capability
  • Advanced fire control with target tracking (in game, would apply to air targets)
  • Laser warning system and plentiful smoke grenades
  • Spall liners across nearly the entire vehicle for enhanced survivability
  • No commander’s sight
  • Low armor protection with no APS

Brief history and description

In order to keep up with the modern world, Malaysia has been making efforts to modernize their army’s equipment. One area that was deemed to be lacking was the armored personnel carrier, though while the army’s SIMBAS 6x6 and Condor 4x4 APCs are ageing platforms, a requirement to replace the former has only been tendered recently. Due to prior cooperation with Turkey’s FNSS, Malaysian defense company DefTech selected FNSS’s PARS 8x8 for modification and local production as the AV8 Gempita.


FNSS’s PARS III 8x8 in a desert camouflage scheme. The PARS III seems to draw heavily from the AV8.

Like the PARS, the AV8 is a modular 8x8 armored fighting vehicle with a similar boxy shape. However, Malaysia’s modifications are rather extensive. In order to improve survivability, the vehicle has been redesigned with a different frontal section, allowing for the installation of add-on armor, which reportedly affords the vehicle protection from 14.5mm armor piercing rounds from the front and sides. It has anti-mine protection with a V-hull, and additional smoke grenade dischargers were added to the rear hull. The Gempita also has spall liners throughout the vehicle, spaced slightly from the steel shell to catch fragmentation. Notably, it does not use the Dyneema BT10 ballistic tape liner as is found in the PARS III. The 30mm armed variants of the AV8 seem to forgo the frontal add-on armor, which doubles as a water shield, as well as having one less smoke grenade on each frontal hull bank and lacking amphibious capability. The vehicle has thermal cameras at the front and rear for the driver and commander to have enhanced situational awareness, and its 550 horsepower engine can propel it at speeds of up to 100 km/h. It is also equipped with a laser warning system.


Picture illustrating the differences between the original PARS and the AV8. The PARS III is much closer in design to the AV8.

Various variants of the vehicle are in service with the Malaysian military, but for their heavy-hitting AFV30 and ATGW variants, Malaysia selected Denel’s modular LCT 30 turret, resulting in the biggest export deal in the South African arms company’s history as they signed a contract to deliver nearly 200 two-man turrets and remote weapons stations. While the LCT 30 has been showcased on South African AFVs including the Badger, the LCT 30 ATGW variant seems to be employed exclusively by Malaysia. The turret is armed with Denel’s GI-30, a cam-driven dual-feed 30mm cannon firing standard NATO 30x173 ammunition or Denel’s proprietary rounds, along with a coaxial 7.62x51mm machine gun. The cannon has a closed-breech single-shot mode for exceptional accuracy - effective accurate fire can be laid down at ranges of over 3,000 meters. Alternatively, the cannon is capable of firing full bursts at rates of up to 200 rounds per minute. Still, the range of the GI-30 is less than the ZT3 Ingwe beam-riding anti-tank missile, which is effective to 5,000 meters.

A view of the optical systems installed in the LCT30 ATGW turret show a new day sight on the right (left from our perspective) port below the gun which includes a beam emitter for the ZT3.

Uniquely, the primary optics for the LCT30 are found below the gun. It has a Catherine 3rd-generation thermal imager on the left and a stabilized day sight with a beam emitter for the Ingwe on the right, with a backup periscopic sight for the gunner on the right side of the turret roof. The fire control system of the LCT30 allows for engaging moving targets with both the main gun and anti-tank missiles. This turret can optionally fit an independent commander’s sighting system, but Malaysia does not appear to have acquired any such systems.


DefTech AV8 Gempita ATGW

Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, commander) + ? dismounts


  • Length: 8 m
  • Width: 3 m
  • Height: 3.5 m

Weight: 29,200 kg

Engine: Deutz TCD 2015 V6 (550 hp)

Transmission: ZF - HP 902 (automatic, 6 forward gears, 1 reverse)

Power/weight ratio: 18.8 hp/ton

Max speed: 100 km/h road speed


  • Primary: 1 x Denel GI-30 30x173mm camgun
    • Linkless dual feed mechanism allows for swapping shots without firing
    • Ready rounds: 70 (30 left, 40 right)
    • Total ammunition stowage: 210 rounds
    • Ammunition types: APC-IT, PRAC-T, SAPHEI, APFSDS
    • Muzzle velocity: 1,100 m/s (1,400 m/s with APFSDS)
    • Rate of fire: up to 200 rounds/minute
    • Elevation: - 10 / + 45
  • Secondary: 1 x FN Herstal MAG 58M coaxial 7.62x51mm machine gun
    • Ready rounds: 800
    • Muzzle velocity: 840 m/s
    • Rate of fire: 800 rounds/minute
  • Additional: 4 x ZT3 Ingwe 127mm ATGM
    • Guidance: beam-riding
    • Velocity: 220 m/s
    • Maximum range: 5,000 m
    • Fire on the move: yes
    • Tandem warhead: yes
    • ECCM: yes
    • Penetration: 1,000 mm RHA after ERA


  • Hull:
    • Front: STANAG 4569 level 4
    • Sides: STANAG 4569 level 4
    • Rear: STANAG 4569 level 2
    • Mine protection: STANAG 4569 level 2A/2B
    • Spall liner: yes
  • Turret: Unknown
    • Spall liner: yes

Additional equipment:

  • 2-plane gun stabilizer
  • Catherine XP 3rd generation thermal sight
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Automatic tracking fire control system (currently only applies to aircraft in-game)
  • 16 x smoke grenade
  • Laser warning system
  • Pneumatic suspension with computer control for each wheel





Interior of the IFV25 variant, for illustrative purposes

Interior of the IFV25 variant, for illustrative purposes

Why it should be in War Thunder

Currently, the Gempita is the sole example of a vehicle using Denel’s LCT30 ATGW turret. It’s also a rare example of a modern IFV that doesn’t rely on NLOS missiles, giving it a place within the game. If it were to be added right now, I would personally say it would go well in the British IFV line as a wheeled IFV like other nations have due to South Africa’s production of the armament and turret. In many ways, it can be considered a continuation of the Warrior’s modus operandi - superbly accurate long range fire from a 30mm main gun with a potent missile to back it up. Alternatively, and hopefully, it would make an excellent addition to an eventual ASEAN tree’s top ranks.


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Would be pretty good, especially if they allow ZT3 to fire on the move, which it should be able to do since they’re beam riding.

Minor edit: with spall liners shaping up to be a game mechanic now, I checked out some interior photos of this vehicle and pretty much the entire thing is covered in spaced liners (added a couple photos at the bottom of the gallery)

OMG, dream thing.