Decompressing through compression

This is tiring, what are you guys even doing?
Last time you decompressed a few vehicles at the BR 6 range at the expense of compressing all the BRs above it, and in the process ruining late WW2 entirely by deleting the lineup of all nations except France and Russia who were left to dominate the BR, where they are currently running winrates of 60-70%


And now you’re going to undo all of that again anyways by moving vehicles from 5.7 and 6.0 straight back into the same bracket as the vehicles you moved out of their bracket last time, and even worse with completely absurd match ups of a Tiger 1 vs an IS-3, yay decompression?

This whole roadmap was already a disappointment in the end, and all these BR changes are endlessly frustrating when you guys have no clue what you are doing, it’s like you’re just changing things for the sake of it, like you changed Kursk into a worse version, you changed Italy into an equally bad version, you changed Normandy into a worse version but you can say you changed things, right?

Now we have a Tiger ll P at the same BR as the Tiger ll H, one being a clearly superior vehicle but somehow decompression pushes them closer together? That sounds like compression.

And what even is the goal here? You’re compressing everything from BR 6 to top tier for what purpose? You’re supposed to decompress top tier, and you’re not attempting to decompress BR 5? For the love of god, why? How in the world did you decide that the priority should be decompressing that?
We have 7 BRs that are mostly WW2 technology, roughly 10 years … and you force the next 80 years of technology into the same amount of BRs.

It’s so incredibly frustrating to see these stupid changes time after time after time, I don’t know if it’s incompetence or indifference at this point, but I cannot believe anyone actually believes these changes for for the benefit of the game.

Next time you’re going to move up vehicles from 5.0 and 5.3 to 5.3 and 5.7 so they can face enemies all over again, until we eventually reach reserve tier vehicles and at that point you’ve managed to increase the BRs of vehicles across the board, made people waste millions upon millions of SL of recreating lineups whilst solving absolutely nothing and everything still exactly as compressed as a year before because you endlessly refuse to increase the top BR for reasons unknown to me.


everything still exactly as compressed as a year before because you endlessly refuse to increase the top BR for reasons unknown to me.

I don’t get this either. We’re up to 12.3 in air rb but apparently we can’t go above 11.7 in ground modes? Why?

1.Appearently they should decompress by leveling up all vehicles above a certain BR
2.Maps like Normandy become more symmetrical is better, not worse, WT lacks fair maps for both sides
3.Though the game is better under balance, an experienced WT player should learn to discover and enjoy overpowered vehicles dynamically each patch

The planned October BR changes aren’t for the purpose of decompression they do not state this.

These changes are a blind push using Gaijin’s secret algorithm. The problem with this is it is currently flooded with data from the event which sees a lot of veterans playing tiers where their vehicles are capped out who overperform not due to the vehicles themselves but because of their experience.

The result of this ignorant change is the compression of the entire late WW2 bracket which is now going to face the early cold war bracket.

Tiger E versus IS-3, truly outstanding work from Gaijin.

I got a good example that this BR change is not to solve Problems. The Kugelblitz on 7.0.
Take it in your 6.7 lineup your doomed to 8.0. Next possible Lineup 8.8! Everyone know what this means. Even the pen is a joke. ZSU on the same BR has 151mm pen! And there is simply no other SPAA to compare on this level.
So why not take into account to change the Kugelblitz to 6.3 or 6.7 to close the gap between the Ostwind II from 5.0
Other Nations also got big gaps in the AA lineups.

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The event ended at 8 am (US time), the changes were up 4 hours later. I very much doubt BR changes involved any data less than a week old, probably more, so the event would have no influence. These things take time. I’m sure just the drafting of the forum post about it took a couple days for edits and reviews.

Doesn’t the German 15mm have more pen now than the 20mm because reasons as well?
Kugelblitz still nerfed at 7.0 with a default AP/FI-T belt and eventually a crippled HVAP belt with 66% trash filler and only 77mm of pen
But Russia has no problem getting the M53/59 with a default 50% HVAP belt with 91mm of pen and an option of pure HVAP at 6.3.
ZSU has double the pen of the Kugel at the same BR which is insane.

Putting it at 7.0 with zero lineup options is typical Gaijin as well, and the Wiesel at 7.3 also entirely pointless, it just increases the chance someone on your team ruining your team by taking it and it will count as the top BR vehicle whilst the rest of the team are Tiger lls, and now Panthers as Gaijin removed all the other vehicles from the BR range and leave you a sitting duck.

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Summer event ended on August 28th, within a month we had the crafting event and in-between those we had a new update with a lot of changes and new vehicles.

So from where do you take this data that isn’t affected by events with 279 spam, KV-1E/Bs and every other unbalanced vehicle in the game ( none of them included in current BR changes because of course), BR changes or newly introduced vehicles like the VIDAR obliterating balance?

If he meant that data from the summer event was part of the calculation, sure. Saying the data was “currently flooded” with misleading event play pattern info suggested something else.

I suspect they do draw a hard line on major updates though, likely any data from before that would also be suspect and not be used.

The same misleading event play happens during summer event as it does during crafting event.
Major update was the 20 days ago and 6 days after that the crafting event started, so at best there is 6 days of non-event play and 14 days of event play in the data, and I’d argue the first 6 is not representative either.