Dear Gaijin, Please buff the Type 87 RCV

Id only agree if it wasnt a better vehicle then the cv9030 which is similar. The type 89 is fine where its at as at 8.7 youd basically have to bring up your 8.3 vehicles to 8.7

They can both be bad at the same time.

One is inferior and at a higher BR and one is much better, better round, better spall, better fire rate, trolly armor (occasionally), LWS l, and missiles and the other gets worse pen apfsds, slower fire rate, 5° better turret traverse and 2nd gen therms. Wow what an upgrade. Regardless the type 89 is fine where its at and in some regards i think its better than the bmp 3 but that thing mobility is just super fun and it definitely belongs at 9.3

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Okay one can be worse and they can still both be bad, measuring against the worst options is just disingenuous.

I think the type 89 is decent, bad in some spots but overall i dont think its a bad vehicle especially at 9.0 or higher. Honestly id say its a 9.3 vehicle if they fix the missiles a bit. Regardless i used it at 9.3 and 11.0 and its a very strong vehicle. The cv9030 is just bad. Ill wait for your opinion when youve actually played it.

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At 9.0 it’s permanently uptiered to 10.0, and it’s 10.3 if you want to use any of the 9.3 questionable premiums.

The stats are average at best, and that is with the Japanese playerbase being above average.

Don’t have Japanese tech researched yet but the Type 16 FPS seems to be very strong, it is one of the most annoying vehicles to fight when I am in my 9.0 USSR, it gave me a lot of problems be like the CV90105 because overpen, but most of the time they will fire a shot quicker than I do lol, or if I overpen them then they will return fire and kill me before I could shoot again, I literally have a 1:1 KD against this thing. The only time I could kill them more than it could kill me was when I hull down with the Chieftain MK10.

The FPS is the pay to win version of the Type 16 P with improved armor which can be tricky to kill at times from the front, but it’s stuck using the M775 which got nerfed quite a lot and it’s a 8.3/7 shell at 9.3 because it has gen 3 thermals, might also get commander thermals.

Somehow at the same BR as the objectively worse P version.

And these stats prove my point that its not trash and its fine at 9.0 to 9.3

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It proves it’s barely managing despite being in the Japanese tree.
It would have a negative k/d if it was in the Russian tree.

Thats cause noob players flock to premium and major nations

The gun seems potent enough that I don’t remember my Object 279 managing to take a hit and not die, I always look for them because these things can appear behind you out of nowhere if you are not looking for one second lol. Only the T-64B can take a hit or two and not die, anything lower is always OHKO by the the FPS, even my pancake is afraid of it and I have no answer to them.

Youll never see a 9030 be nearly as dangerous as the type 89

Your Type 87 RCV especially post-9.0 has a good stat, I’ve killed so many of these things without them having a chance to fight back, can’t imagine how it’s going to fight the BMP-3 or BMD-4 at long range but your skills manage to offset its weaknesses so kudos to you bro.

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Man its so freakin fun, i hated it tryi g to spade it but then i learned to play it and its a monster on urban maps. Range is a problem tho but i eat bmps all the same

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I mean a sideshot or something you’ll be in trouble with anything, but overall it’s a pretty lackluster round.

type 89 is dangerous for a few shots before ready rack depletes, my main gripe is the atgms do nothing and guide lack crap

For a few shots? Its got 32 which is more than enough. Unless youve just taken most of the enemy team back to the hanger. Then yeah youd be low.