Dear Gaijin, Please buff the Type 87 RCV

In what world does the Type 87 RCV (p) with 66mm pen APDS deserve to be 7.7 when the only lineups available are 7.3 or 8.3 for Japan. Vehicles like the BTR-80A having more pen and better in every way is 7.3.

Also In what Universe does the Type 87 RCV deserve to be 9.0? constantly playing against 10.0, it doesn’t even have a stabilizer, thermals, 92mm pen APFSDS, No LWR, this thing is awful its absolute Garbage. and even if it was 8.3 or 8.7 its still Garbage. infact it might be even considered the be the worst vehicle in the game. It sits at 9.0 along side a BMP-3 with Thermals, 100mm ATGM with 750mm of pen, a 30mm cannon, thermals, LWR, ESS.

All I’m saying is anything at 9.0, 9.3 and 9.7 will almost always be uptiered so its essentially a 10.0 vehicle without everything that a 10.0 vehicle has. (btw it can be’d)

So please move it down.

Japan main


Also In what Universe does the [Insert Japanese vehicle here] deserve to be [BR]?

The RCV P is a joke, the RCV is a joke, the Type 89 is a joke, the Type 16 P is a joke, Type 93 is questionable at best and you can also question the Chi Nu, Chi Ri and whatnot.

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Okay im gonna fight you over my chi ri and chi to’s i used the chi tos at 5.0 with the chi ri and loved them i think they are fine im going like 20 and 80 with thwm cause they are honestly kinda goated. The type 89 is far from a joke you’re actually inside, decent mobility, great gun and survivability and i forget i even have missiles because the gun is just the goat. Yes the (p) is bad but ive also dropped nukes in it because fast vehicle on big maps or city maps always for some silly plays but i agree it doesnt belong at 7.7, the type 87 rcv tho im gonna play devils advocate, its small and fast meaning you can hide in corners and turn off your engine. The gun has very high fire rate and enough pen to deal with everything from the side making it lethal if played correctly BUT the stock grind is abysmal and apds will either be very good or the most painful grind ever. The vehicle has no right to be the same br as the VBC PT2 ehich has the same gun, bigger but faster, therms, LWS, and a stabilizer. Ill say this the spaded rcv at 9.0 is fine honestly if you know how to play it. And definitely isnt the worst 9.0 but id take it any day of the week over the cv9030. Fire rate is a big part of ifv’s as if you can damage someone fast enough then you’re screwed if they started turning when you shoot. Another bonus of the type 87 rcv is 5 crew members, really makes you overly tanky.

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Thats because the BMP’s are underBr’d

Im not running around bushed up either Accidentally sent two of the same image but the rcv(p) takes a very specific pick and choose with targets and i have positive kd for both rcv’s

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First of all, complaining that a vehicle is uptiered is dumb. So is everyone else on both teams. You can’t pick and choose to compare your vehicle to the vehicles it faces in an uptier while ignoring the vehicles that face it in an uptier.
Second, I disagree the BTR is better. They’re very balanced with each other, so I agree they should be the same BR.
Finally I think the VBCI and PUMA are overtiered for similar reasons of inadequate firepower compared to vehicles that are otherwise extremely comparable.

i used the chi tos at 5.0 with the chi ri and loved them i think they are fine

Just because you can use things at a higher BR doesn’t mean they should be there, I bring the Type 99 to BR 9-10 as well yet it’s not where it should be.

The type 89 is far from a joke you’re actually inside, decent mobility, great gun and survivability and i forget i even have missiles because the gun is just the goat.

You forgot you had missiles because they’re useless garbage that you can’t even use whilst moving and even when you do they just twirl around and miss the target and it’s garbage to hit things closer than 200-300m, turret rotation used to be like 60 degrees and now it’s stock 17, used to have 4 crew and now 3, used to have 6 missiles now 4, ready rack nerf, lost APHE shell, lost SAP shell.

its small and fast meaning you can hide in corners and turn off your engine

It’s really not that small, no armor, no stabilizer, no thermals, no ATGMs, no post pen damage and worse pen than the Type 89… again just because you can make things work, doesn’t mean it should be there, and compare this to a BMD or whatever and it’s entirely outclassed in every category.

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I think the type 89 is good, ive had a better experience playing that then the cv9030 which has apfsds with less pen and a slower fire rate and smaller gun so less spall and 9.3 which is higher than bmp3. Do i think the type 87 and 89 are over br’d eh yes and no. The rcv spaded is good but i should be 8.7, the type 89 is very potent all around imo from my experience, i think its fairly well balanced. My biggets problem with japan is a lack of a real lineup after 7.3 until 11.0. Check my statecard if you wanna check but the type 89 is a better vehicle at a lower br than the cv9030 which is a close comparison. Slow turret traverse, still faster than the 89 but can look behind it as the model we have is the old one with the crew view port instead of the version with that hump removed. Also the missles are bad at the start but when they hit they’re usually pretty good imo.

Type 89 used to be good when it had triple the turret rotation speed, APHE, 6 missiles you could shoot on the move and it was 8.3.

Now you have to park your vehicle by the side of the road, negating your mobility in order to shoot some wonky missile that either doesn’t hit or doesn’t do damage, the launcher also has a vertical speed of 1.9 degree per second so if you were aiming at something at a higher or lower elevation, it can take 10 seconds for your launcher to be useful again.


So it was very strong and possibly op back at 8.3 regardless i think its fine at 9.0 personally but if these changes were based on historical accuracy then im fine with it but id rather gaijin would also decide to nerf or buff for the sake of balance.

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It was very strong at 8.3, but to nerf every single aspect of it and also increase it to 9.0 is stupid.
But they did the same with the R2Y2, nerf it and move it from 6.7 to 8.0.
Same with the Ho-Ri, nerf it and move it from 6.7 to 7.3.

Also for the sake of the bottom clip you are purposely parked on an incline in which you’re causing your missiles to hit the ground. Yes the missiles are very wonky to aim since they love to hug the floor after launch but they only do this when you have your vehicle positioned pointing down like you do in the clip.

The Ho Ri deserved it in some regard, it has been one of my most enjoyable vehicles on japan and an easy nuke bringer

Surprisingly fast, trolly armor and a fast reload with 200g explosive filler is pretty damn good.

That was the whole point as I mentioned the vertical speed, yet even when perfectly lined up they twirled around.

Surprisingly slow to what it used to be like, from the fastest reverse to painfully slow.

Eh, the missiles saved me a few times and at least they arent like they were, they could use some additional adjustments but i again think its fine at 9.0, i suggest you try the cv9030 at 9.3 with its abysmal kit. Ill take the 89 any day of the week cause its just a better vehicle.

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Its a paper vehicle which japan never wouldve been able to mix that engine with as it wasnt made for the Ho Ri, it is good as is and if it has the reverse nerfed for balance then so be it i have 76 deaths 2 air kills and 277 ground kills in the Ho Ri which i play at 7.7 with the rcv, i think its a brilliant tank

Sure, but it’s an annoying gimmick to endlessly increase BRs of vehicles that simultaneously are a shadow of what they used to be and you now just have to make work.

Type 89 should have gone from 9.0 to 8.3 based on how it’s been slaughtered, not from 8.3 to 9.0 and if you try really hard you can make it work.