Dead Aircraft

In case anyone was wondering, and I know you were, dead aircraft still killing ground vehicles is still a very annoying thing. Seems to me it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to fix it.

Once the “Aircraft Destroyed” message flashes on the screen, that aircraft should not be able to continue to use it’s weapons. My ground vehicles aren’t allowed to do that. Tired of being killed by aircraft I have “destroyed”.



I think they did this for a while, but players complained so they reverted it,

I think that you shouldn’t be able to use bombs/rockets but perhaps maybe guns (as an ARB player sometimes I’m “destroyed” but still completely playable, not being able to defend myself would hurt

Make it universal. My tank is “Destroyed” but I can still use my machine guns.

How about, if the aircraft is “destroyed” nothing works. If it’s not destroyed, don’t put the text on the screen.



You need to make absolutely sure it’s done then, not just take the kill and think to move on to the next.

It’s not going back to the airfield, but it definitely isn’t finished fighting.

Well that’s bloody stupid isn’t it, if my turret is blown off and all my crew are incinerated, I’m not going to climb into the machine gunner’s position and start blasting away BECAUSE I’M DEAD.

With aircraft, a wing would be taken off, but I am still alive, therefore, I can still operate the weapons. Having a wing blown off would be the tanker’s equivalent of having their track blown off, I don’t see players complaining that a tank without a track can still kill them.

I tried to make a compromise but yet again, ground players decide they should be treated better than air players.


Gaijin did try to add a similar mechanic to ground rb with the tank being able to survive with one crew but it was hated by tank players and got removed. If they want the mechanic back, maybe gaijin will do so. Personally, i was okay with it. Just was annoying to have to move between gunner and driver.

It wasn’t tankers that complained about this issue. It was air, they complained about kill stealing, so GJ put this “target destroyed” up to stop kill steal, yet the aircraft wasn’t actually destroyed. Sometimes it also works against the pilot. In this instant I shot him and get “Target Destroyed”, he dropped his bombs after I kill him and did an amazing “Team Kill” hahahahahaha
Blue on blue


I know about that and I have no idea why that is relevant

I thing you’ll find that the OP is a tanker, who I was referring to

Seems pretty unrealistic to me that when a plane is heavily damaged, on fire and about to crash the electronics would continue to work flawlessly to arm and fire all sorts of weaponry.


It depends on each case, sure there are times where the electronics/controls are broken, but if you were crashing your plane, you would also attempt to drop any ordnance, whilst you won’t be able to do this every time, it still happens often

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Personally I’d try to bail out more than anything… for air v air it’s whatever anyways, at least both side benefit, but for ground it just results in SPAA losing almost every time, even after getting the kill, it just gets taken out afterwards.


Because you were talking about a tank equivalent so i provided the closest thing we had.

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No I was saying, there is a reason why aircraft can launch weapons after being destroyed, I couldn’t care less if they bring back that 1 crew mechanic.

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Is the plane destroyed or not? If it is, put the text on the screen and end it’s abilities. If it’s not, don’t put the text on the screen.

I don’t know, maybe that’s too complicated.

No. The plane is destroyed therefore it cannot undergo controlled flight. The weapons are still functional


The proper fix would be to make the “Aircraft Destroyed” message only appear when the aircraft is actually destroyed. Everything before that is just critical damage.

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Not really, if your tail falls off it isn’t just “Critical damage” as the plane is technically unflyable, it should be more “Aircraft Destroyed” and “Aircraft disabled”

If the tail falls off then good luck controlling the “drop”. If they hit with mg and guns while the tail (or major parts if tail) gone then that is just luck.

I thought Gaijin already brought this up in the roadmap/dev blogs?

Guns and control surfaces can very much be damaged. The “realism” is just as realistic as any ground vehicle “magic” performance as compared to what would happen in real life.

I agree, it is so stupid how they can still kill you when you have killed them because of a stupid timer.