De-identifying Tech-trees with C&P overload

I can deal with Sweden receiving event vehicles to a degree, but giving it nation exclusive vehicles feels wrong.

So first off I’m saying I’m against the addition of the Tiger II P for Sweden, not because it belongs to exclusively Germany, but instead from a Gameplay standpoint. Its now the only Heavy vehicle for Sweden and that means it will be highly sought after. So i wont be surprised if there will be mass spawns with the Swedish Tiger II since it will be the only way for players to get objectives.

So right now i will foresee that Most matches will be filled with these things, and that sucks for diverse reasons.

And the Swedish Sherman, eh its fine. Its not the only vehicle of its type in the TT unlike the Kungstiger, that is the only vehicle-type in the TT, and considering its a event vehicle all i can see that this is a cash-grab. Since you can buy currency that is equal to euro on the marketplace.

Besides this whole situation, i do doubt this will stop, and gaijin has a excellent excuse since Sweden Thoroughly Tested mobility tests among other things on Sherman’s, Panthers, Churchills, and T-72s so basically. Sweden is a goldmine for both cash grab vehicles and copy paste vehicles. Since we had the and tested them.

It brings sorrow to my heart that players do ignore Copy-paste that yes does help the game In certain situations, such as if the tree is completely lacking that vehicle type. And does not posses even a half built prototype like the Emil in this case. But should it not be used as a Tech tree filler, it only ruins the identity of nations.

A topic and mindset that i have and have always had is this.

De-identifying Tech-trees

Nation identity should be taken into account before all.
Will (Insert vehicle) De-identify the Tech-Tree?
Is this vehicle a modification unique to this Tech-tree

If yes, other options should be taken. But this is not what is happening currently.

Now i know there are players for Copy-paste for the simple reason of It existed therefor it should be added. But what people don’t take into account is that. If this is done enough, Tech-trees will end up looking the same, and there will not be any reason for switching tech-trees. Besides a few nation specific vehicles.

So thats what i have to say, do tell me off in the comments how Copy-paste is this game only solution to buncha problems and whatever.

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Hard disagree, the less exclusivity and the more and faster access to things player have, the better. If a vehicle doesn’t appeal to you, don’t play/research it; what other players choose to play is their own business.

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Can you define what a “nation exclusive vehicle” is? I think that would be a good place to start this discussion. Examples of these vehicles would be great as well.

To me, that’s a vehicle that is/was actively used by the military. I.e. none that have only been tested/considered/on the drawing board or shot at.
And in my opinion, they should be the only ones included in the tech trees.

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What do you mean by actively used? Used in combat or issued to the force to be used if conflict broke out?

Also, test bed vehicles and prototypes ARE used by the military to further technology and prove concepts. That would also put them under the “actively used” category, no?

To me, that’s a vehicle that is/was actively used by the military.

You understand that that would remove a lots of vehicles from game, right?

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I just disagree, it removes any unique playstyle that is nation specific.

By that logic just combine every nation into one TT and call it a day since thats what we are basically doing. Take the prinz eugen the US used it, as a target at atol.

Players cant stand in the middle of this its either kick that damn boulder or don’t. You cant kick it and catch it.

These two thing don’t make sense, adding more vehicles make grind longer. You just went against your own word immediately. But i lack to see you provide any solid ground for why this would be a thing. Br line-ups? that should be solved with domestic equivalents.

I mean sure you can absolutely have that viewpoint but at least try to see my viewpoint. And compare them, then view on your original opinions and see how they could interchange or solve the others thought’s. For gods sake we are taught when we are young to listen to peoplen and treat them the way you want to be treated. Do i myself uphold those things. No because i am human, But i try.

I’m playing a game i like because its the only game to feature Swedish tanks that is not straight pay to win anymore, And I like war thunders damage system. And it has Anti-air units that I like the most out of anything. So its fun to play it. Then I start seeing things that frustrates me. But since there is no other game to feature this “Style” I cant just quit. If I do what the heck am I going play then just another boring PvP game. No i wont. Instead I try to find people with the same thoughts, That brings some relief that I’m not alone. Then seeing people that basically have the same viewpoint but for other nations I sympathise. But of course there will be people on the opposite. Fine, they have their own view of it. I try to provide a viewpoint, get shouted over. Again, Again, Again and again. So no wonder i get frustrated people tell me my view point is invalid. So I end up spiteful, not because I’m a born douche but because i get pushed down.

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I agree with the paper vehicles, and straight imports. But prototypes built for that country that was at least halfway finished should deserve to be in-game. You are welcome to share your thoughts on this though.

i mean… they’ve done this for years… T-34’s are basically in every tree now… same with the PZ IV, even the M24… but they Needed to find some way to make them Very distinguishable.

Im not really against them adding the same vehicles in other nations trees (but think it Should be very limited) They did make the kungstiger a Bit distinguishable, with the no side skirts and different textured outside… So they did good about that… but Barely good enough to pass, imo

Yes it removes a lot, but it keeps the game glued to its foundation. tank vs tank from their nations tech-trees. If you simply go ahead and give every TT what it had its hands of from other nations. What the hell is the point of saying its nation vs nation combat anymore. At that point its simply just a odd vehicle here and there that is unique.

So in hindsight just allowing straight copy-pasted vehicles is just horrible, as it just make this game frustrating to play since i myself joined because it was nation vs nation.

And now its failing to uphold that.

You are correct in that standpoint, yes. But test beds are very debatable as if they would harm or help the nation.

This isn’t really a discussion about harming or benefiting a nation. This is about vehicles being used by a nation, and what is appropriate for each nation to have. Performance of a vehicle means little to this discussion.

Also, could you explain what you mean by “nation specific vehicle”?

For gods sake images like these just make peoples mouth drool because if its added i don’t have to change nation and get to keep my favourite line-up YAY, And that mindset just upsets the heck out of me.

While sure i get it. If this gets added i don’t have to grind. Sure, as the game stands right now. Its very daunting to even imagine it. But the problem does not lie in the fact that Copy-paste helps the game. Its the fact that Gaijin completely ignores to reduce the amount of time needed to grind a TT. sure its decreased but its still horrible. Snails pace without premium, and for people like me a college student with limited funds it is just impossible to achieve any worthwhile grind. its only when i save up some change that i spend it on GL so i can finaly unlock that SPAA so i can do what i like sit and shoot cas out of the sky.

Sorry bout the ranting


In-service vehicles, Domestic designs, Or heavily upgraded variants that distinguish them from other tech trees vehicles.(BT-42 comes to mind)

This is a loose area that i pretty much rounded up to the major three.

True i admit i have gotten carried away with that. But you have to admit that some of my argument is valid. Like War thunder being a Nation vs Nation game, and now failing to uphold that formula through 1 making Vehicles for other TTs and only giving them a reskin. Sherman’s are the lead example.

The fact that sim is getting more and more Friendly fire prone is just evident that gaijin just adds things without seeing any consequence’s.

The last one.

Tiger II helps the 6.7 lineup. It’s a good reward; and that will earn Gaijin ~$12 of revenue per person which we can have our own opinions on.
Swedish Sherman is unique though.

I think all? tech trees are mostly unique at this point for ground vehicles.
Air is harder cause aircraft in general are expensive to develop. I don’t think Israel will ever have their air tree mostly unique aircraft.
I however think China will easily have vast majority unique aircraft soon.

Yes, but sub trees will help somewhat.

Sub TT…which are mostly copy and paste because Gaijin is lazy to make a original model of a tank, so they will rather do ctrl+c and ctrl+v. I still want a enevent vehicles be added into their Nation TT. KV-1B into Finnish TT, Merkava into Israel, T-72 Moderna if there will be a Czechoslovakian TT in future.

There is no set play style for nations, there’s set playstyles for tanks and there armament.