Daimler Benz Großtraktor mit 7,5 cm KwK 16 n.A. L/36

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I would like to suggest the unique Daimler Benz Großtraktor with the 7,5 cm KwK 16 n.A. L/36 (An 7,5 cm FK 16 n.A. L/36 adapted for tank use with an new recoil system as testbed for the later 7,5 cm K L/40,8 auf Sfl Model 1) This and the KD-I Geschützwagen mit 7,5 cm Flak 16 n.A. L/36 are to my knowlege the only 2 vehicles which mounted some form of the 7,5 cm FK 16 n.A. L/36.

First more about this specific modification, the generall information is allready in my other suggestion: Its the Daimler Benz Großtraktor, but instead of the 7,5 cm KwK L/24 it was modified as a testbed for the 7,5 cm KwK 16 n.A. L/36 (pretty much only as a testbed, because the Großtraktor by DB was a total failure) similar like the Rheinmetall Großtraktor (https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/558768-rheinmetall-grotraktor/ ) which was later test fitted with an Dual mount with an 7,5 cm KwK L/24 and a coaxial 3,7 cm KwK L/45. Both modifications where made after the whole tests, after it was allready decided that the vehicles are a not up to the time, they where mere proof of concepts/testbeds, as such and because they are quite old allready, there is very sparce documentation left.

Cince the tanks where of no further use except monuments, they where also used as testbeds, with the DB one reciving an modified 7,5 cm FK 16 n.A. L/36 for further development of the 7,5 cm K L/40,8 for the Sfl Model 1, which also was not adopted, but the gun was even further developed into the 7,5 cm K L/41 and then into the 7,5 cm KwK 40 L/43 (beeing a combination of the Pak 40 barrle with the K. L/41 breech).

Overall results are sadly lost to history. Overall the DB Großtraktor remained as is, only the gun changed as well as it is unlikely that the ammo racks where changed, but such shouldnt be a problem game wise. This took place at the very end of the Großtraktor programm, which was also at the beginning of the Pz Sfl Programm

The DB Großtraktor itself was the worst of the 3, beeing very unreliable, having the worst suspention tracks, transmition and coolingsystem, travelling only 31 km with 13 kmph becasue only gear 1 and 3 were working.

Here is a nice article about them if interested Tank Archives: First Try at a Medium Tank




The Gun: 7,5 cm KwK 16 n.A. L/36 (a 7,5 cm FK n.A. L/36 tank adapted)

7,5 cm about 12-15 rpm -12 ° to +60° and 360° electric and hand traverse (15°/sec and higher)

originally 104 rounds of ammo, but because of the size difference, more around 80-90 seem realistic, like the Pz IV F2+ have with even bigger ammo.


There are 4 different rounds (more or less)

K.Gr. Rot Pz Apcbc 6,78 kg 650 m/s 80g Fp.02 und Np.10 (102,4g aquivalent) 110mm/10m penetration.

(Its the same round as allready in game on the L/24 guns, but at wopping 650m/s, stronger than the russian F-34 and american M3 cannon)

K.Gr. Rot. SapHef 6,62 kg 655m/s 520g Amatol (520g aquivalent) (with A.Z.23 (0,15)(Ms.) (delay for semi AP) I dont know how to calculate Saphe rounds, historical penetration was (for all he rounds with the right fuze and setting) 20mm/30° at 600m

K.Gr. Rot. Hef 5,83 kg 662 m/s 520g Amatol (520g aquivalent) (with A.Z.23 v (0,15)

K.Gr. Rot (Bo.Pr) Hef 5,83 kg 520g Amatol (520g aquivalent) (with A.Z.23 v (o,15) (Bo.Pr is for Bohrgeschoß Preßstrahlform, the round has thicker base walls and was intended as a cheaper ersatz for the normal one in case of missing supply.)

(all 3 also also available in heat treated Steel with 6,4 kg)

K.Gr. Rot Nb Smoke 6,2 kg 660 m/s 50g smokestuff dont expect much.

Sprgr. 34 5,74kg 665 m/s 686g Fp.02 und Np.10 (878,08g TnTa) 13mm/all

By “German Explosive ordanace -Projectiles and Projectile Fuzes chapter 5” it could also fire the Gr. 38 HL series, so perhaps also the /B and /C as allready found in game with 87 and 115mm penetration respectivly.

As well as an frontal hull Mg, and coax Mg and an AA Mg in the backturret.

Designed 1926
Manufacturer Rheinmetall, Krupp, Daimler
Produced 1928–1930
No. built 6
Weight 19 tonnes (21 short tons)
Length 6.6 m (21 ft 8 in)
Width 2.81 m (9 ft 3 in)
Height 2.3 m (7 ft 7 in)
Crew 6
Armor 14.5 mm Hull and Turret Front. 14.5 mm Turret all around. 2x 14.5mm Hull side plates. Belly and Top 10mm.

Speed: 40 kmph


Panzer Tracts No. 4 Pz IV to Großtraktor

Geschoßringbuch Band I

D. 435 Anlage 7 Munition der FK 16 n.A.

German Explosive Ordanance Projectiles and Projectile Fuzes Chapter 5

Covert german rearmarment 1919-1939 by Barton Whaley

Strategic denial and deception by James Wirtz

+1 because it looks cool and would be different to other german tanks at rank 1

Would be such a goofy tier 1, that reload speed too

I adore tanks like this, and I am in full support of any weird WWII prototyoes. +1