Czechoslovak air tree

L-39 with 4x R-60 missiles


Holy shit…Chad upper gunner capable aiming down

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I would like to see V4 tech tree. That would have enough unique vehicles.


I really doubt V4 is coming, because, well, one of the V4 nations is already coming into the game as a subtree to Italy. I personally wouldnt be against combined Czecho-Polish tree, but i think it could have some preety big problems and they would be better off added independently.


Hi there. Today Is a 2nd anniversary of warthunderczechoslovakia, and for this special occasion i have prepared a special - teaser/trailer for the Czechoslovak armed forces. The teaser Is meant to show some possible additions into the Czechoslovak techtree (only had to use vehicles that are already in-game for obvious reasons) and to support the idea of Czechoslovak techtree on my social platforms.

Hope you will like it :)


Why just one Avia B534 , there were 4 variants btw .

There are all 4 of them already in the tree actually. II., III and IV variants are foldered after B-534 I.