Czechoslovak air tree

Why does it look so cursed?

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+1 to a tree incorporating as much unique stuff which actually flew, and a little bit of copy paste. Even more of a +1 if it gets a Polish sub-tree.

However I can’t get around the paper planes sadly.

Have you considered the FiSk 199?


i like the idea but… Apart from Rank 1, arent those are mostly clones?
IM, the S-199 and S-99, Albatros and Delfin, are also good enough, but from rank 2 to rank 8 there are no particular reason to make a separate tree here, as much as you can jut make Czech camouflages for similar machines in USSR or germany ot whatever you like.

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Wouldnt be against a Polish subtree honestly, or even a combined Czecho-Polish tree (but i think both would be better off separated)

I also dont want copy-paste vehicles added, atleast not those who didnt have full scale mockups and who we dont have much info about, which is why my regular proposal includes only Škoda-Kauba V5, which had its full scale model tested in aerodynamic tunel, and the remaining paper designs are in extended version of the tree only.

I actually didnt know about this one, so thanks for letting me know about it. I will consider adding it in the future


Large part of the vehices in the air tree are indeed made up of foreign designs and i can understand why the tree may not seem like a worthy addition on the first look. There are however still indigenous planes on every signle rank of the tree, and also large part of the foreign planes are modified and/or produced under license (often even having a different role than their base variants, for example MiG-15SB is a fighter-bomber with domestic rockets, 4 extra pylons and drogue chute among other things, while the B-36 HR158 (mosquito) has german guns and can carry german bombs).

Its also important to note that while the air tree may not be perfect, its both larger and more unique than some other nations we have in-game, while also having smaller BR gaps between vehicles (atleast in most cases)

(Good to note that air tree is not even the most important part of the tree - the ground part is)


I think Polish-Czechoslovak tree will be the best option


Well, if the tree comes with the czhech ground tree, then that air tree is pretty much okay, wil be better addition to the game then Hungarian air we got last update

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Looking at that air tree, some critiques jump out at me. The middle tree at rank 5 as listed is an absolute mess that is beyond over powered, while somehow being terrible with one exception.

L-39C at 5.7 would run rings around every aircraft it could possibly encounter. The fact that it could down tier to fight things like the Typhoon is just insane. The only marginally redeeming factors are that with how much runway it would need, it would be hard to use in air RB at that BR (lack of jet runways), and as far as I am aware, it was never cleared to carry gun pods, only practice bombs, meaning it would be completely unarmed. The result is a craft that’s either done to historical spec on armament and is the worst thing in game to play and encourages the most passive playstyle imaginable, or a liberty is taken on that front, and we get the most over powered tech tree vehicle in the entire game with flight performance comparable to at least an 8.0 down at 5.7.

L-39ZO is the exact same problem. It’s lower performance, particularly in a climb, except it actually was properly armed and could carry S5 rockets and FAB-250’s. It will also still outrun absolutely anything short of 8.0.

L-39CM is just comically over powered. IR missiles at that low a tier is a non-starter. That and again, flight performance.

At the other end of the spectrum is the L-159T2 and L-159 ALCA, which as far as I can tell from the description appear to both be wielding Fox 3 AIM-120’s. At as low as 11.3. In a down tier, that would mean fox-3’s against planes with minimalistic at best RWR, and in some instances, no countermeasures. Considering that Fox 3 missiles at 12.3 is already considered extremely strong, I don’t think I need to explain the problem here.

In it’s current state, this would be the most broken air tree in the game.

While I appreciate the history effort, my suggestion for the sake of balance is the following:
Axe all the L-39’s from Tier V. They don’t fit the historical progression in the slightest, and their far too much of a balance problem. The tree can also survive without them.

Second, remove the top set of L-159’s with AIM-120’s for the above stated reason. To fill back in the space and prevent an over saturation of one line at top tier, move the Gripen’s over to the L-39 line.

As a final consideration, both for balance and as what I would consider a more reasonable addition to the Rank V area if it does still need to be filled; L-29.

It’s not great, being arguably a slight downgrade to the existing strikemaster across most of the board, save for the guns, since MG-17 is an upgrade over the FN-MAG for aircraft.

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