CV90120 Nerf

Why on Gods green earth does gaijin feel the need to nerf a tank that has little to no significant impact to the outcome of matches. This tank is barely used, which is why I play it so much. They need to revert this discission ASAP! I loved that this tank was one of the fastest lights at top tier, and now it barely competes with the speeds of other MBTS like T-80 series, and now can be out-ran by some such as the Leclerc or TKX that have the same or even faster reloads than that of the CV90120. Sure the tank is still playable, but it will no longer have its noteworthy speed and maneuverability like it once had, making it less enjoyable and taking away one of its only powerful features - high levels of mobility, stripped away. One of the only ways I could see Gaijin making up for this horrendous ordeal is by either adding its additional armor kit, or just simply by putting the original speed back (79kmh forward, 51kmh reverse).This tank didn’t deserve the nerf it got, and now its just a complete horseshit option with no reason to choose over any other tank at that tier…

look at your name and deal with it


That was a really good take right there

It was historical…


i know right?

ohh historical? okay that makes sense. I see m1a2 abrams speed is 72kmh right?

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Change was Historical, the game is historical, i don’t see why it should use made up values.
From BAE Systems:




Sure, that could be a valid suggestion, however it would mean that the vehicles would get even more heavier, and not by a small amout, do you think its really worth it?

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at this point at this speed it gets, it might as well just be able to become invulnerable to mgs.

Im not sure if that would be worth, however you’re free to make a suggestion in the forum i assume

I wonder where you got the source from??


it would also receive aps. additional armor can clearly be seen at 1:05

im not the best i know lol and level does nothing with the skill im better than the avarage wt player tho and thats enough. imagine getting that mad that you have to go look at player stats to make arguments.
just because a tank got its historical and in real life stats?. who cares calm the fuck down its only a game.

That’s an upgraded version, usually just called CV90120-T (2007)
has APS and the RWS

That being said i don’t really consider the new speeds much of a nerf, at least it hasn’t affected me enough to cause an issue

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does the one in game have a machine gun on the roof? no? because its a different version of the cv90120.

amen brother

i would love for that to happen. I could be added as a modification if not a separate vehicle

Okay the game is historical isnt technically true. The game is o ly historical for most but certain vehicles need paper plans/modifications to help buff the vehicle or to make it viable at many different BR’s. (Im just giving my point people dont witch hunt me)

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sorry for coming off mean at first im just a bit tired it will be a new vehicle pretty sure probly gonna be put in a folder (the extra armored one)