CV90120 Nerf

the game tries to be historical unless it inflicts with the game play too much like if a vehicle is doing super poorly i dont think they would give it an -10km/h speed or something etc

cv90120 was the first ever top tier tank i got. played it ever since. would love to have another to spade the shit out of

was the first top tier swede i got and its pretty good but you just have to play ratty do some sniping etc

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by that logic, m1a2s would have a top speed of 72 and not 68

might have not been reported on not sure or they might not think it matters enough idk

Nah i was more referring to the yak 141 getting irst without them ever mounting it. It was planned but never mounted, or the tog getting its parts. Or the swedish low br tanks getting apds that wasnt used in all the vehicles.(also cv90120 apfsds going from 625 mm iirc which now its 600. Kinda pointless honestly when they added the 2a6, dumb when they shoulve added unique finnish patria modles like the 120.)