CV 9035DK (Strf 9035 MK III)

They are basi g this off the type 89. It has the 35mm gun with the 35 round ready rack. Youll have to bug report it

Yea i guess i will have to, it’s a shame tho.

If you dont do the bug report by the end of the weekend ill should be free to help. It shouldnt be hard to fix the vehicle with all its bugs and sense this vehicle currently is fake. Missing the dual feed system, irst tracking, composite screens/slat armor amd the apfsds seems to be underperforming greatly.

Did u end up making it?

I have been away so i didnt have the time, but i guess the more people who adress it the better, right? Also the vehicle itself hasnt been released yet so i dont know if it is too early, maybe they will add more stuff next week, we still have atleast a week left before launch i figure?

PS. I´m also looking into a bug report for the JAS 39 Gripen C radar.

Eh if you want changes to be done for the vehicle it needs to be done before the end of the dev server otherwise it can take months or ut just never gets changed. That is the nature of these vehicles.

dev server closes 13th june 10.00 gmt so i suggest doing bug reports before that, i think update will launch on 17.-20.6

I dont have access to the dev server currently, do you guys have it? Any changes yet?

Pheonix RX0@live, ramy353 i will be back next week, if you want to make a bug report beforehands then go for it, i will upvote it. Link the report here if you make it. otherwise i can put one in sometime during Wednesday.

Im currently trying to find sources for the dual feed system and the air tracking if you have anything it would help fill this bug report out. After today i wont be able to make the bug report till i get back to my home friday night

Currently the only thing ive found related to the dual feed system comes form the Dutch defense site on the cv9035 with their specifications.

In regards to the dual feed, i think it is already implementet, as you are able to change ammunition without having to reload the gun:

Otherwise, there is the brochure for the 35mm Bushmaster III from Northrop Grumman, which mentions the dual feed:

In regards to the sighting system, there is manufactures website, which mentions it being able to hit air targets and having Gen 3 thermals (it is also one of the sources of the original post): UTAAS Tank and Anti-Aircraft System | Saab

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Anything mentioning UTAAS instantly gets denied so thats gonna be a huge nope from gaijin

Were you able to put a bug report up?

I also saw that the dual feed system was implemented so that seems OK. We wont get any air tracking tho since Gaijin dont understand the UTAAS system.

Cant forget about the ABM ammunition (AHEAD/KETF)

No i didnt finish it. Ill have to wait till Friday when i get back home. Also youll have to show me that dual feed cause if it only has 35 rounds then its still a bug. Also the UTAAS sight on the 9035 i believe is more similar to what is in the 9040C spaa model. Id have to double check but it should have a proper lock on for aircraft.

I know it’s not what you are fully looking for, however I would like to mention that the CV9035NL, the one Netherlands has, mentions that theirs has dual feed, and “dual tracking” (?) for its AHEAD ammo.

What I don’t know, is what they mean by the dual feed. They could have so it works as one big 70 round mag, or, what I think, is it has 2 belts loaded, for a fast ammunition switch. I’m thinking like, one belt has AP ammo, and the other has AHEAD ammo, that type of thing.

I can also see, on the Danish military website, there’s a video of the CV9035DK’s gunner sight, where it says “HEI-T”, new column, “35”. So I don’t know if the Danish one has dual feed, and I can’t find anything saying that the CV9035DK has it.


At 2:31 in the video of the above link to the CV9035DK, you can see the gunner camera.

Both the NL and DK should be the same internally until the MLU which DK is looking at. And i dont think gaijin will accept the dutch defense so were kinda back to square one

Yeah, I thought so.

However, I remember I found something from the Danish military, mentioning “programmable ammunition”, it went something like

“The CV90 here uses a special type of programmable ammunition, where the fuse gets set with an electro magnet in the barrel. It explodes shrapnel in specified ways, it can have its fuse set to just beyond a wall, and then explode shrapnel to the left, or if you want it to, it can be set to go through the wall, and shoot shrapnel everywhere”

I don’t fully remember what it said, but it was something along the lines of the above quote. I can find the website again, if you want me to, and then I’ll probably respond with it tomorrow!

As a matter of fact, I found it already:

00:38, in the video on the website, he says
Any time he says “open” in the statement, he means “shoot pellets”
“where this car is different from all the others on the market, is with its weapon system, which is an American 35mm cannon. It can shoot a bunch of ammunition types, the ammunition program is very sophisticated on it, and one of the ammunition types we can shoot, is a sub munition, which is a munition that can open in any given area, all automatically calculated by the laser, which the gunner is operating. We can get it (the sub munition) to open forward, backwards, up, down, infantry, cars, in a house, planes, helicopters, whatever we are shooting at, and we can do that by just the gunner choosing what mode he shoots, then the munition, or the grenade of the munition, it gets programmed when it leaves the muzzle. That is with a speed of over 1000 meters per second, that the munition gets programmed how to explode on a given area”

I swear they mentioned an electro magnet, not that it matters, but I might just be remembering it wrong.

I’m thinking, when he mentions the planes and helicopters part, the cv90 must have something to calculate when to explode, because the plane is obviously moving, and it wouldn’t do much to just set the fuse to explode where the plane was. That’s why I’m very confident in saying, that the CV9035DK must have some sort of tracking or IRST, also backed up by the CV9035NL, mentioning it has the capability.

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Id try and bug report it and see where it goes. Any and all bug reports need to basically be in before tomorrow otherwise it can take months or it will never get fixed

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