CV 9035DK (Strf 9035 MK III)

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CV 9035DK - Danish model of CV90 Mk III 35mm canon

Background summarize

The CV9035 represents the second export variant from [BAE Systems Hägglunds] of their renowned CV90 series of tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles. An enhancement over the [CV9030 Mk II], this model is equipped with a 35mm automatic cannon and can be identified as the Mk III due to its multitude of advanced features.

In 2005, the Danish Army awarded a contract worth 1.7 billion SEK to BAE SYSTEMS Land System Hägglunds for the delivery of 45 CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Within Denmark, Hägglunds collaborates with Hydrema Export A/S for the vehicle’s production. Recognized as a 4th generation CV90, the CV9035 Mk III during its time was seen as a pinnacle in the CV90 lineup, boasting unmatched technological capabilities. The CV 9035DK represents an evolution of the CV 9030 Mk II, introducing enhancements in firepower, protection, mobility, ergonomic design, and an advanced electronics platform. Its primary weapon is the Bushmaster III 35/50 cannon, complemented with an ammunition programmer and managed by a sophisticated fire control system. Both the gunner and commander are equipped with stabilized day and night sights, inclusive of a 3rd generation thermal imaging camera. The vehicle accommodates a crew of 3, in addition to a 7-member gunner team.

By fall 2007, BAE Systems Hägglunds in Sweden commenced the delivery of the first among the 45 CV9035 armored infantry fighting vehicles (AIFVs) based on the established contract. The vehicle saw numerous updates reflecting advancements in technology, firepower, engine capabilities, protection, and other fundamental characteristics.

Soft Data


The Bushmaster III automatic cannon by ATK, is an 35mm (bore) calibre compact, cost-effective auto-cannon, capable of firing the latest programmable air burst munitions aswell as other compatible munitions such as APSFDS amongst other. It’s Key features and benefits include:

  • Fires 35mm Oerlikon or 50mm Supershot ammunition

  • Compact size facilitates easy upgrades of existing turrets

  • Supports linked and linkless feed systems

  • Proven safety, reliability and low life cycle costs

  • Dual feed system


The CV9035 incorporates a Munition Programmer for Air Burst Munition and has a target-driven gunner Man Machine Interface (MMI).

The Fire Control System autonomously sets:

The type of ammunition

Lead – and super elevation angles

Fuse setting – air burst, impact or delayed detonation

Burst – Dispersion patterns

The airburst ammunition could be added as the same feature as the 40mm “90LK” or “kulsgr m/90” as it is called in the game but for the corresponding 35 mm ammunition instead.

The number of ready to fire ammunition is important, ie. CV9035 has a total of 70 rounds of belted 35mm ready-to-fire in a dual system.

The CV9035 was the inaugural model among the CV90 IFV series to incorporate a Commander’s Independent Sight, granting the commander the ability to identify, tackle, or delegate targets to the Gunner, mirroring the capabilities of a 3rd Generation Main Battle Tank. In simpler terms, it functions as a commander sight without any supplementary features, akin to what is present in the current game. Although the commander’s cupola boasts full rotation and other enhancements, they might not be pertinent to the game’s current status.

The CV9035 showcases a novel base armor, dotted with attachment points on its exterior. These points facilitate the addition of modular armors like MEXAS, AMAP, and the RUAG RoofPRO-P Armor series, among others. Such armors can be integrated during the manufacturing process or appended later based on mission requirements. These can either be incorporated as a researchable module or be part of the default setup. The heightened defense attributes of the vehicle ensure robust protection against overhead threats and augmented mine resistance. Further, the CV9035 DK incorporates Hägglunds’ defensive suite, which consists of laser alert systems paired with smoke grenade launchers. The vehicle’s primary weaponry is connected to this defensive software, resembling the in-game laser alert system.

The foundational armor of the CV90 ensures protection from 14.5 mm armor-piercing projectiles from all angles. While the front armor details remain confidential, it’s commonly understood that all CV90 models onward are fortified against 30 mm APFSDS (Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot) rounds.


The vehicle also features full NBC protection and is compatible with soft or hard kill Active Protection Systems as per the clients requirement.

As standard, the CV9035 features a soft Kill APS that classifies targets, gives threat warnings via the Vehicle Information System (VIS) and support the driver with manoeuvring instructions, whilst simultaneously deploying countermeasures, to reduce the risk of being hit. Because of current game mechanics this feature could be removed. Focusing on the main vehicle and the possible implementation is more important than extra features that the game cannot support fully for the time beeing.

Hard Data

Length: 6.87 m (268 inches).

Width: 3.19 m (125 inches).

Height: 2.80 m (109 inches).

Weight: 31.750 kg (69.850 lb.).

Armour: .

Engine: V8-cylinder Scania, type DI-16, 16.000 cm3 (976 cubic inches).

Horsepower: 755 at 2.000 rpm.

Transmission: 4-speed Perkins gearbox, type X300-12D, automatic.

Transfer case: N/A.

Electrical system: 24 volt, negative ground.

Brakes: Mechanical servo assisted integrated in the transmission.

Fording depth:

without preparation: 1.00 m (39 inches).

with deep water fording kit: 1.50 m (58 inches).

Fuel type: Diesel.

Fuel capacity: 940 liter (206 gallons).

Range: 500 km (312 miles).

Crew: 3.


Armament: 35 mm Bushmaster III LTK canon, coaxial machinegun.

coaxial mg



Why do we need this?

This vehicle would make a good supplement for the Swedish (Scandinavian) lineup, its 35mm bushmaster canon will bring alot more to the table than the 30mm canon added earlier this year. The vehicle would have increased maneuverability and speed with great functions for scouting aswell as engaging any target on and above the surface. I could see this vehicle come in at around 9.3-9.7 possibly higher depending on the features added for it. Also the adition of the Danish armed forces into the Swedish tech tree would be much welcome since we now have the other three Scandinavian nations already added. In general this vehicle would be able to fulfill tasks on the battlefield to a much higher extent than the 30mm CV90.


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I think this is likely to be added since its a variant of the CV90 as well as its utilized by a Nordic country. Either argument works.


I personally would love to see this added, as well as the more developed CV9035NL MLU. +1


I do too, i hope more people will vote so we can see this one implemented :)


🤔may fold with CV9030, and CV9040B may fold with 9040C


This could be a great idea! But i dont think it should or could go higher up than 9040B because of its armament.


Man this thing being the same br as the cv9040 would be kinda pointless imo, and if its the same br as the 9030 well fine but the 9030 is trash at 9.3 anyways, unless the gun has good.pen when introduced in warthunder this thing will probs be food. Regardless i look forward to seeing it.

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I do hope it would come in at around 9.3

and you are WRONG))) oh god i am pissed at this
anyway its 10.0 reason? i have no idea but unlike finnish cv and swedish strf9040B/C that have magazine? type of gun feed? (no good inglish from meh :/… sorry) it has the whole belt to feed your gun despite having lesser pen than both strfs (even that one from 9.7 br) like WHY 10.0 then, even french vbci that seems to have an unlimited ammo supply for gun has 9.7

And we mentioned that the cv9035 would be food and poorly balanced just like the cv9030. All we can do is not buy it or wait until we see how it actually performs.

i really want to make 9.7 nordic setup and seeing this shell, its pen (127mm), and its overall br is making me sad

Type 89 at 9.0 is busted i use it at 11.3 amd its goated, the cv9030 is bad and the 35 will probably be the same if its mobility is anything like the 9030

hmm from what i see
its speed is 83 km/h
engine power is 1431 hp? with 2350 rpm
31.8 t
i dunno if its good enough or nah

Arcade if i had to guess

wait, hold on
their whole update preview was made with AB turned on…hmmm so there is some hope…i hope)

9.7 is doa for that thing lol. 9040b will have a friend but thats not a fair br choice

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first of all what is doa?

hope is ded :(
but well its seems pretty mighty but well not that much strf9040b is having 70km/p speed so 5 km/p speed increase…i dunno

Dead on arrival like the f4f

ive test drived it, seems like it has more common with the 40mm Akan than 30mm bushmaster.

Yeah but can it lock on to aircraft? Is it fast does it perform better than a cv9040?