Current win rates for different nations & vehicles at rank 8

1.6KDR is sweat. The average should be closer to 1.

thunderskill obviously rather unusable for low tiers or not major nations it takes quick look at battle numbers and some buggy/stupid win rates like 0% wr for china 1.7-3.3 area or near 100% for some more obsucre french jets where battles <100. As for top tier air its hard to find nation below 55% wr so hard to tell whos struggling. the weird data like more obscure vehicles with around 200 games total having 0% win rate somehow probably bring average down of all players too. For top tier ground for big 3 I dare to say data is maybe reliable. But then u look that france is best top tier nation taking into 15k battles and wr but compare to like 5k british or around 3.5k, chinese, italian top tier reported battles. No offence but i dont think 4-5 times more player play top tier france than china in actual game the data is very very limited and biased towards players who update regularly. For big 3 im not sure since 20k BVM games alone is hard to judge but 400 Ariete AMV games is far from good data. You can see obvious sweat vehicles like M60 AMBT with 75% wr. US top tier ground probably not doing well is probably fair assumption but following that logic germany and france dominate top tier based on wr and battle count data. French players too good for their own good truly.

it combines ground and air k/d

which is 1.2 and .3 respectively. Not sweat.

That’s not how stats work.
If air KDR was 0.3 and ground KDR was 1.2, then the KDR it would report would be 0.75:1 based on equal number of battles. It increases/decreases from that number slightly depending on bias. But it can never exceed 1.2, and never drop below 0.3.
Out of 10,000 deaths, 5000 for each mode.
1500:5000 for air.
6000:5000 for ground.
7500:10000 combined.