Current state of Air Realistic Battles

The state of air RB has probably never seen worse days. Top Tier gameplay for a long time has just been absolutely disqusting. Gaijin has ripped the whole “skill” aspect of the gamemode to pieces and left everyone with “funny” missiles and 16v16. 16v16 is as a concept ok, but because the size of the maps don’t correlate at all to the size of the teams, it doesn’t and will never work. I understood when Gaijin was pushing the EC maps for top tier that there had to be larger teams for everyone to get atleast somewhat sufficient games. But now that they made it a corner stone of every game despite the size of the map, furballing and killstealing has never been as bad. The always improving missiles also don’t help at all. For example SU-27s can have 10 missiles that are really potent. I’m just wondering are we going to wait for the semi-active radar homing missiles to come and destroy the whole game before Gaijin takes action or what will happen. Now that Gaijin has stated that they will be doing a new roadmap for 2024, I believe this has to be in it for the game to succeed into the future.

One other huge topic that has just been looked over by Gaijin is the state of 8.0-10.0. All the veterans know that the best times of the game were when there were no missiles around and the old top dogs of 9.0 like the hunters, f2s and mig17s were roaming the skies, the game felt whole. Now Gaijin has also ruined that for everyone since you can meet supersonic jets in sabres etc. I think there should be a hard cap between the supersonics and subsonic jets. Also you shouldn’t EVER meet any aim9Ls etc, in non-flare having jets. I think that should have already been covered but to no ones surprise it hasn’t been. I wish Gaijin would keep listening to us and delivering these changes that we need to keep enjoying this beautiful game they have created.


F-104A at 9.3 is a joke

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