Current self moderation model is unreasonable

Since the transition to a new forum, self moderation mechanisms have been, IMO, abused. Every player can flag another player’s post. In concept, it’s not bad. There’s a limited number of mods and they cannot reasonably moderate an increasing number of players.
But there’s a point where self moderation can be abused and I think we’re at that point.
For those yet unaware, sufficient flagging of posts can lead to a temporary forum suspension (“account on hold”, NOT in game ban) which is only lifted if a moderator reviews the user’s posts.
This means that any player who feels like they disagree with another player’s opinions, regardless of whether any forum rules were broken, can just flag-bomb another user and have them automatically suspended. If timed right, the suspension can be quite prolonged. My suspension lasted 42 hours. That’s 42 hours in which for no valid reason I was unable to use a service provided by a game I paid for and am invested in.

I believe, and mods please take it as a suggestion, that automatic suspension needs to be removed. Flagging is already a very controversial thing because of its mechanism in which it hides posts automatically.






This post offended me.



Totally agree with the OP. The system is far to easily abused.


What posts were flagged to get you banned?

Some posts about balance, mostly posts of me accusing Gaijin of mistreating the player base. One post was hidden permanently and I don’t remember what it was, I think it was me accusing Gaijin of lying to players.

It doesn’t really matter though, IMO. Gaijin used to give warnings and points to misbehaving players. This is entirely player-driven.

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well they shouldnt have bug reporting forums then

If that’s what you think, post a suggestion about it.

you are, just either through the bug report feature in game or in specifc parts of the forums

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That was sarcasm…

We can and will adjust things as time goes on

We have been watching closely, and we know that somethings maybe taken advantage of… that is one reason why we are watching how things go

We can if we must disable Self Moderation, but we think it is good that the Community can see for once how and or what we have to deal with when we Moderate the Forum…

And the community can kinda decide if something is off topic and or distracting for your self as well

I am still getting use to how things work my self… were you still able to PM Staff with that suspension ? if not, do let us know

But, if so… then always feel free to PM Staff and we can look into it and override it for people in that situation

As I mentioned, we are watching and we can and will tweak things as time goes on


So this flag system is under testing and will be improved in the future, at least I hope so.
I feel lack of 1.reasoning message of flagging action, 2.appeal to moderator possibility so these situations can be moderated too and maybe even score be given/deducted from one of the sides of the conflict.

The problem is that when GAIJIN moderates the posts, it’s (supposedly at least) done from a position of relative independence. When you let ANYONE do the moderating by having them flag posts at least, you have a whole bunch of people with various axes to grind, who are NOT impartial or independent, looking to make trouble for players they have a beef with, and there is no way this can work. It’s time you realised this and took a stand go back to doing the job that only Gaijin should do.

You can see this in my case alone where you have reviewed the posts I had flagged and found them all to be fine apart from one you deemed off topic because I posted to warn the person flagging my posts that I’d reported their behaviour. Clearly you haven’t taken any action YET because whoever it is is still doing it, which simply proves my point.


so whats up with the whole “hidden post” thing?
i dont see any rules that was broken. Its relevant to what you had said and is not offensive or finger pointing at anyone in general.

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You have to edit your hidden posts/comments at least once and they’ll re-appear. After that, the flagger will receive a notification that you edited and that he can flag it again. He will flag again, after which you have to edit again as well. Do it 3 times and your post will be completely hidden until a mod decides whether it’s legit or not. If he decides to perma-hide it, you’re on some list and a few more flags mean you’re banned from the forum.
Simple and easy.

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that sounds very arbitrary and silly. If the content is not of the type that should be flagged then they should be the one that gets banned from flagging.

I mean literally one of the posts i had in general today (since there is no real venue for me to post as i cant post on the bug and they most likely would mark it “not a bug” anyway.)
where i posted that EC for naval wasnt turned on and was curious why this has gone on for a few days now where its just down with no explanation. A simple “were doing work on it” or whatever would be nice

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Just wondering if you’re aware that naval EC is only available on weekends.
Yeah bug report mods that actually provide more than a one liner, or even that, are extremely rare.


😆 😆

That’s because it’s a gameplay issue, not a technical fault. By posting on the bug report website, you are wasting valuable staff hours. Bug reports and debating the game mechanics are completely different things.