Current Role Balance Between USSR and US in Top Tier

Dear Gaijin Entertainment and War Thunder Players

im a one of Ground Realistic Battle Player and

I want to you guys Notify Current situation in Top Tier GRB between USSR and Others

Example : USSR VS US
*I drawed this Graphics

My opinion is " USSR Has More Capability to Conquer Air Space and this Advantage will affect to Ground Force’s in Most of Battles"

i guess we’ll get Similar Result even we Consider exchange US’s position with Other Country.

hope Gaijin get Somethin with these

Thanks for your Attend !

*i Want Apologize If you feel uncomfortable with My inAccurate Grammarly
because i’m not Native English User.


pansir should go up to 12.3 fr and ADATS being classified as [Tank Destroyer] is just to rub it in ur face


Probably will, if Gaijin decompress ground BR, I really want this to happen.

And why 12.3? You think they’ll add a Tor-M2 as new top SPAA for Russia? I doubt.


Id move the airspawn closer. Well into the red zone of the Pantsir, but yea, great diagram

Pantsir was a piece of equipment that should not have been released. Tor should have come out.


Gaijin should really know this. Pantsir’s Max Range goes like 20km! Btw ADATS’s Max Range goes “10km” and uses IRST LOCK ONLY so it cannot lock the hostile aircraft when it is cloudy (a.k.a. bad weather). Plus, does US has guided laser bombs or guided anti-tank missiles that goes more than 20km or longer? Nope. Maverick Delta variantion goes 8km and GBU variants also goes like that. So, if you’re gonna CAS with the US Aircrafts you’ll already spotted and may be Pantsir’s missile is on the way to kill you. That’s really unbalanced. Plus, if you spawn ADATS, when you’re out of your MBTs, you have too pay more that 200SP! while Pantsir doesn’t pay that much!


For us vs ru, russia has the better spaa while the us has better aircraft.

I have been trying the f14 in ground rb as anti-cas. It works pretty well. The aim54 lets you sit at the edge of the map and target any enemy plane the spawns in.

Whilst ARH should remain more expensive. It would be nice if CAP in general wasnt so expensive.

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Pansir out-range other AA by a mile, have TWS lock so you don’t even get a launch warning, auto guidance, big frame so sometimes the maverick don’t even kill it because it has big empty space, can reliably intercept incoming AGM, and it got one of the fastest AA missile? not sure on the missile speed but yea its easily the best top-tier AA in the game and could do just fine at 12.3-12.7 where it will fight long range AGM.

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You’re wrong about the AGMD range, it have a lock range of 23km. But due to how slow it is, you need to fly quite high and fast so that it have enough energy to reach the target. But it would just be intercepted by Pansir anyway so kind of pointless. Usually I have to launch 2-4 AGMD to ensure a pansir kill.

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Working as intended.

…“tank destroyer”…with radar…/rolls eyes.

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aim 54? really? lmao…maybe one in 15 hit if person fly’s dead straight and doesnt move at all. i dont think aircraft are better…and it doesn’t matter if you can’t get to battlefield. flying/using us cas is waaaaay more difficult to pull off than russian aircraft. targeting is more work in general.

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F-16C is immune to Pantsir.
ADATS out-ranges Ka-52.

That chart is 100% originated from Russian propaganda.

TOR-M1 is identically useless against CAS.
11.7 CAS is the most OP in the game, literally unkillable by all SPAA in the game.
I know cause I’m the CAS.

Pantsir’s max range against jet targets is 12km.

of course it is…according to you.


Get in your Pantsir and face me then.
You won’t cause you know the Pantsir’s not as strong as Russia claims.

seems to me the russian tech tree is based off russian claims.


It isn’t. It’s based on reality, which is why the T-90M uses 1980s composite for the hull, and early 2000s composite for the turret.

this game is LOOSELY based on reality.

I can totally agree. Gaijin should understand current situation.

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