Criticism/feedback about the botting epidemic getting removed?


Alright really short.

I made a post about the botting in sim and it got silently removed.
i wasn’t rude or nasty or anything. Just wanted the devs to hear my feedback as a consumer.
And i got a lot of people in my post agreeing or discussing about it.
Then all of the sudden my post gets removed and i have no idea why or by who?
Why is my feedback getting removed? dont the devs want to fix/improve the game? Are they ok with the state of the game? If you remove my or other peoples posts about it, people will start asking questions why you do such things. this is not really professional. You cant just delete peoples feedback. Thats not how the world works.
I really like sim and i dont want it getting even more ruined by these issues! And i think a lot of people feel the same!

If this is the way these forums deal with their customers idk how to leave feedback behind!


Because of this:

As said earlier, you are not allowed to break forum rules.
Our rules are clear:

3.11. Users are not allowed to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing damage or losses to the Games, Administration, Website Managers, and other Users, including cheat programs, “bot” automation programs, ways to modify the client of the Games, vulnerabilities in the client and server parts of the Games, offering advantages in gameplay, and any other circumventing methods prohibited, directly or indirectly, by Gaijin EULA. Furthermore, the User may not encourage other Users to stop playing the Games or to avoid purchasing any content from the Gaijin.Net Store in any form, including by making threats or enforcing them.

If you think you have found anyone who break the rules, please use in game report function and/or server replay function to report such users.
Our Game Masters will check the report and act, if your suspicious were right.
Thanks for reports!