Crippled Team Communications - Bring Back Team Voice Chat

To my knowledge ( correct me if I am in error ) two years ago ( I was not active at the time ) team voice chat was totally disabled.
To my knowledge, players had the option to mute team voice chat if they did not wish to hear it, however, two years ago, Gaijin totally eliminated team voice chat,
whereas those with whom it registered as disruptive or disturbing could have just muted it.
Players that valued the strategic tool of team voice chat were disregarded and given the middle finger.

Since this point in which team voice chat was grievously removed, communication and cooperation with teammates has needlessly been made much more difficult. This is to the detriment of coordination, of teamwork, and therefore, of the enjoyability of the game in general.

When you are in the middle of a battle, you do not have time to type,
“Contact spotted approaching east to west from A3 moving to A2, descending from 3000m. He is contrailing and emitting orange smoke. Friendly bombers divert course…” etcetera.

Here is an example of when Team Voice Chat would be essential, an example that many players have directly experienced firsthand:
You are fighting in more high-tiers, and a friendly moves in front of an IR missile that you fired at a hostile. If you could use team voice chat, then with it you could issue the advisory,
“Pea-brain123, Flare! Flare! you moved in front of my missile!”
and he could then know to deploy countermeasures and to thereby not have his aircraft destroyed.
In this situation it is plainly apparent that, through use of team voice chat, you could prevent an avoidable teamkill that otherwise could not have been evaded due to you not being capable of typing the advisory to your teammate in time ( and even if you did, then he likely would not have read it and acted with sufficient speed ).

There are many reasons why that users need the option of using team voice chat.
Those that do not wish to use team voice chat are capable of muting it, therefore, there is no justification for eliminating it for those that value enhanced coordination and communication with their teammates.

Gaijin, bring back Team Voice Chat. To not bring it back would demonstrate significant disregard of users.

If you are with Gaijin, then please inform me if team voice chat will be brought back in the near future, and or if the plan regarding team voice chat is to never restore it.

Make a suggestion, and provide numerous sources of why it should return and how it should be executed. As well as potentially the idea of an in-game chat translator right now with all the language barriers, etc it is increasingly difficult to convey to the team that there is an enemy over there. Since at this point we have become so desensitized to think if someone was MGing you, there trying to tell you something. Simply because people always did it from the start of each match, purposely kept firing there mg to where it got annoying.

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