What’s going on with the bomber crew? They can’t even hit the barn. Not even to the max level.

could you explain yourself more?

Gunner hits like 1 in 10. I feel terribly vulnerable in a bomber. :)

I mean look at those crew stats, firing range 200 meters? Firing and tracking probability 66% so they don’t even do anything 33% of the time in the unlikely scenario they even do anything.

And this is ace crew.

I see,
from my experience the AI of the gunners work only from a distance of 0.6-0.9 Km, and it takes about 3-5 seconds for the AI to start targeting the enemy plane. Additionally you are using a Bomber that has not all too great defensive armament (most beginner USSR bombers have poor defensive capabilities), for example in the Soviet B-25, Tu-4 or Su-6 the AI gunner has some chances of knocking out a enemy target if im not paying attention

aka why doesn’t my precious bomber pilot snipe everyone in a 2km radius

take your hand off and use manual gunners next time

yeah most people that use bombers better learn to use them manually, the AI gunners are mostly only useful if you for example are engaging into CAS and there is someone chasing you

They can turn them off right away. Same thing