Crew slot

Please help me understand what am I doing wrong. Specifically with naval crew. I started seriously playing NB only recently for the SMS Baden event. Let me explain.

1st slot:

  • 150lvl tank
  • 75lvl plane
  • 100lvl ship

2nd slot

  • 150lvl tank
  • 75lvl plane
  • 100lvl ship

3rd slot

  • 141lvl tank
  • 75 lvl plane
  • but only have 700xp available for ships

4th-7th slot

  • 75lvl tanks
  • 75lvl planes
  • 0xp for ships

1st-3rd slot all about 90lvl for tanks and planes, but I have to start from 0xp with ships again.

Please someone help me understand why first 2 German slots gave me xp for ships to the max and the others didn’t. I want to crew the 3rd slot, but no way in hell am I grinding or paying for naval crew. That is just insane and I won’t crew it if it means starting from lvl1, because then I would be at a severe disadvantage. Rather play with just 2 ships at that point.

Is this a bug perhaps? Or they really expect us to level up crew from scratch for each game mode?

Edit: question answered by @Poul thank you.

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You want to dedicate 3 slots for Naval (hopefully), but you can train your stock crew for another game mode, if you want. I preferably have 6-7 crew slots per nation, then dedicate certain ones to one game mode, so I don’t split crew XP for planes, tanks and ships at the same time. You want to play one mode more, then use that to get your stock crew up at least a bit in another, so you don’t start from stock when playing it.
Using premium ships gets your crew XP quickly up. That’s the fastest way for me, then I finish up planes and stock crews for tanks with that. Got aced crew slot by playing, then moved it to another slot, got it aced there as well and just finished the crews to the max at the same time. Now I’m in a pickle, as I might have to move my premium ship to another slot to grind more crew XP there lol.

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That’s not answering my question of why the first 2 slots were able to max out ship crew lvl despite never playing naval on those slots and why I had to start from 0 on the remaining crew slots.

LMAO, the only way to assign crew skills is definitely just for YOU to select and click it. That’s not hard to understand. If you didn’t do it, then you probably “got” the account from somebody else.

All the crew slots start from stock, except couple of crew skills that get shared by all 3 types (such as repair rank).


No, what happened was he was maxed out in air and ground and had earned so many extra points on those crews, at one point the game just dumped the full surplus into naval, cause he’d earned the full amount.

Everyone starts over at zero on naval, but if you only play two slots for one nation to the exclusion of all else, if you get up to 150/75 and keep going this is what can happen.

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Every crew slot has individual exp counter. You basically had plenty of additional exp on slot 1 and 2 in Germany (you used these slots more often than other slots), but not enough on slot 3.

The UI is absolutely horrible and it hides total exp, when you reach max crew exp level. But it’s still there, just hidden. You can increase that exp value by playing any game mode with that specific crew slot (it doesn’t have to be specific game mode).

This whole crew exp thing is just poorly designed. They want you to use GE to get crew exp equally on all slots, because it’s very complicated to do this, when you don’t control to which slots you put your frequently used vehicles.

A long time ago I proposed the crew exp to be a global value, that would make things much easier to understand, but my proposition wasn’t very popular:


Then why my plane slots can get my tanks up to 75lvl but have 0xp available for ships?
It just doesn’t make any sense to me why some crew slots share XP between all modes and some only between planes/tanks.
Just wanted to know if it is a feature or a bug.

I like that suggestion. Did you make one after the forums changed? This could also work with the convertible XP. Use convertible XP for crew XP.
IMO low lvl crew is number 1 turn off when thinking about starting a new tree. I’d probably play all nations right now if the crew XP wasn’t so restrictive to earn.

Oh now I understand the problem.
It took me 5000 hours to finally understand thanks to you :D

Everything is shared, just the UI hides exp value, when you reach max crew level. It’s confusing like that on purpose, so it’s harder to control the crew XP between slots. It’s possible, but it takes a lot of attention to do this.

For example, my German slot 3:

When I play Air battle and use slot 3 plane I won’t notice any difference on this screen. But I will still gain this crew slot XP, it’s just hidden on this screen. You can see the crew XP value, when you switch the view to a different game mode:

Now when I play Air battle, use slot 3 plane and check this screen before and after the battle, I would notice increased crew slot XP here.

This whole UI is messy and doesn’t make much sense. But like I said, they are selling the crew XP for GE, so it is how it is. This situation is very good from the devs perspective, to confuse players.

Unfortunately, with my experience in this game I realised long time ago that making suggestions doesn’t make any sense (it’s only a waste of time). So I don’t do them anymore.


Yeah, when I buy a store premium for new nation, I use those “free GE” to get the crew leveled up half way at least.

Thanks again for your input o7

Offtopic question, seeing you have +10k battles in NB. Would you pair Admiral Graf Spee with Nürnberg or Köln (alternatively Karlsruhe)? I just don’t see any practical difference between Nürnberg and Köln.

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The game will never “dump” anything anywhere. It simply accrues crew XP and that’s it.

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Clearly it did in OP’s case.

If you are starting from reserve or low tier premiums, crew skills don’t matter much. Its only at about Tier III and the big boats that skills become important. Reload repairs etc.

I think the OP omitted a step where he allocated his surplus XP to crews #1 and #2.


Admiral Graf Spee is a pretty good heavy cruiser, but I much prefer Nürnberg, Köln and Karlsruhe light cruisers. They are one of the best ships at the BR of 5.7 in my opinion.

Just take a note, especially during events it’s better to take two bluewater ships + one rank V coastal. This way you can get higher multiplier for the event, if you only “use” that rank 5 coastal (click ‘to battle’, then cancel and that’s enough). I suspect you don’t have a rank 5 coastal vessel, but just saying that it’s the best way to play the event (or maybe you have an old event boat, like the Bussard?).

He stopped controlling the crew XP because of the confusing UI. When you reach max in one game mode, it’s much harder to control this. The free crew XP value disappears, like on the screenshot I showed in my previous post. And when you don’t play this slot, it’s impossible to get more crew xp on that particular slot. Even if you thought you have everything maxed and everything looked great. That’s the confusing part I talked about before.

Yes, he could be lying of course. Weird sort of flex, but this forum has a lot of flexers.

If we take him on face value, he’s asking why German slots 1 to 2 have maxed naval skill when he’s never played naval before and 4-7 have exactly 75 ground skill even though he only has planes in them. He says he’s never assigned crew points to naval in the post, and it’s implied he never assigned crew points on 4-7 to ground, either.

I think the giveaway is slot 3, where he’s maxed on ground and air, but doesn’t have enough yet to max out naval, so it’s still zero.

If you could pick only one, which would you choose?

Only rank III+ German coastal I have is the Karl Marx :D
Good ship ngl, I pair it with the Z47 I just got from the WB shop. Got to rank IV with it yesterday, hence my question about the 3 LC’s. When I research entire rank IV, I will have to make a swap for 2 ships at 5.7 to get efficient RP gains (don’t want to play 6.0 because of the compression). Ultimate aim is for the Sharnhorst, so I can goof around in custom battles :D

… I’m confused too…

This reads like OP is wondering why Naval in slots 1 and 2 are maxed level when they haven’t done any crew skills on it, and they just were maxed level already.

But OP is happy it’s all cleared up by Poul’s explanation… then that’s ok. I’ll just stay confused :)

Edit: I’m also confused as to why someone would have 24k+ crew points and not use them? (Poul’s screenshot)

Its not zero, he states/ponders why he only has 700 xp when the other two were able to max out. Which was explained by Poul above.
I suspected the same thing as you at first, but then I had another sip of coffee and reread the post.

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My bad, I just realised something. I started playing Germany in 2015 planes only on my first 4 crew slots, then years later I transformed it to first 3 slots tanks and 4-7 slots planes.
Poul’s explanation makes 100% sense. Mystery is solved and I thank you for trying to help.