Crew slot

If you don’t play a game mode why bother having to click, click, click, click?
Mebe he left those skills unfinished so he can see/show how much XP the game wastes at higher levels because they keep accumulating but there is no where to spend them?

I actually had the same.

But to be honest, I’m not a native English speaker, so I sometimes get things very wrong. In this case I was like 80-90% sure I understood his problem, when I read his post for the second time.

Since you don’t play Naval, I assume you don’t have Karlsruhe. If you want to play for fun, just take Nürnberg, because it has more AA guns and bigger crew. It has less torpedoes, but it’s really not a big deal. These ships are almost identical. Karlsruhe has different (worse!) secondaries with too low shell speed, but all these cruisers are very strong thanks to their main guns.

Every person has their own “way of thinking” (I don’t even know how to call this). I’m very weird in a way that I like when everything is equal, I like symmetry and so on. It’s just how my brain works.

So I want to keep the crew equal on all slots:

Even if that’s not the most efficient way to play, right? But it would bother me to have different value on every vehicle. So I raise the level only when I can do this on all the vehicles at the same time.

But yeah, I didn’t play German ground forces for a very long time, so I also didn’t really care to increase it.


I even have a spread sheet for that. lol /shame

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Nothing wrong with that. Thanks for explaining.
Probably just a coincidence on your screenshot, but 144 is also a nice number with lots of symmetry and fascinating features about it

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Well, it’s not the most efficient way to play the game. Because as you noticed I sometimes have slots with too much crew XP I could use, but I don’t simply because of my “silly” rules.

When the devs add a new vehicle I want to exp, I always put it on the slot with the lowest crew XP. But this system is not ideal and there are some problems, like with that 24k exp you saw before. That’s because i play Naval a lot, but I only use first 3 slots for ships and next 2 for planes. So my last 2 slots are behind the first 3 slots. Because of this, I usually have to focus on these 2 last slots. It’s overall a mess I try to control somehow. I wish the UI and game rules were more player-friendly, but it is how it is.

BTW: Don’t even ask what happens, when the devs add Naval to some nation. I try to be prepared for this, like for the French fleet I started gathering crew XP on the first 3 slots like a year before it was released (everyone knew France will get the fleet). Now I’m trying to prepare Chinese nation for the same. But it’s really problematic and very annoying to care about all this stuff.

Just a coincidence. I’m not crazy about this, just a little weird ;).

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Just came home and checked. Yep, you are absolutely correct. IDK why it took me so long to learn how this crap works lmao. Though I am not happy to have to choose where to allocate my XP. The crew level should be shared between the modes. If you want to level up one slot in each air/ground/sea, we are looking at a ridiculous amount of crew XP.
This is my plane exclusive slot.

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Clearly it didn’t, as there is no possible way that it could.

This is the equivalent of “my car drove into a tree”. The car didn’t drive into a tree… You did.

For the love of god and all things holy


What in the hell do you play, and where can I play it

Go do the math on how how many figures of XP you have across all your crews but Gaijin obfuscates it (insert something something about malice or stupidity here).