Crew lock should be disabled if you subscribe to premium

What video?

Don’t encourage him. He’s just trying to spawn camp and then leave more… He’s complained about this several times already.

I just stated that this is how crew lock works.

Yes if you bring and use 3 tanks you won’t get crew locked.

If you bring 5 tanks and use 3 you will get crew locked.

The mechanic is arbitrary.

You may buy a premium top tier vehicle, but they give you a set of backups.

And they don’t tell you to do it. They just give the incentive because they, like all companies need money. Even when I use my CV90 at 10.0, I still bring low tier tanks to capture points and occasionally manage kills. You shouldn’t be solely bringing one tank no matter if it means using a reserve or two.

And use ONE reply.

Having a 5-tank lineup, using 3, and having spare spawns will crew lock you if 9 minutes aren’t up. That’s because you’re leaving early. You’re being punished for not being a teammate.

Spawn trapping =/= Spawn camping

Yes I have made a post in the past where I’ve complained that I’ve been forced to play in to a match that is already won to avoid crew lock but no that has little effect on the present game as now once you’ve entered the spawn crew lock is disabled for both teams.

Yes and adding the removal of crew lock as a perk of premium is a good incentive to buy premium.

If you’re not going to use one reply, I’m not going to reply to you. You’re just spamming every thought that comes to your head and forcing me to refute it.

There’s about 0 difference between Spawn Trapping and Spawn Killing. Doing either when the game isn’t decided is a horrible tactic. Play the game fairly. You don’t need to hover over their spawn and be the reason other’s quit.

Once all points are taken excluding the Battle game mode the only other direction to engage is forward. The only way to stop this is to make players in spawn immune to damage. If you wish to advocate for this then make a thread to do so, it’s an irrelevant point of discussion to this thread.

It’s not about changing the game’s fundamental functions. It’s about not being a bad sport.

More people need to learn the concept of “Not doing to the opponent, what you don’t want in return.”.

The game would be a lot healthier and less rage inducing if less people actively employed scummy tactics exploiting the well-meaning game mechanics.

Well, with all these options to bypass the crew lock already, why do you need to eliminate it for premium users?

Increase rewards for those who stay in battle instead of punish those who leave.

People are going to do it regardless, why would I care if someone leaves and gets crew lock or leaves and doesn’t get crew lock, they’re going either way and it doesn’t stop them from doing it.

I dont want to play with someone who is going to ODL if they are permium or not

Because all of these options require playing abnormally.

As the mechanic is arbitrary why can’t it be bypassed by owning premium?

Irrelevant of crew lock being disabled for owning premium, ODL will remain in the game’s present form.

I shouldn’t be crew locked for not wanting to play [Battle] (insert horrible map here) for the third time in a row. Maybe Gaijin should 1: remove Battle mode entirely and 2: Actually use all 52 of the 52 ground maps in game instead of just giving people the same 5 maps over and over again.

Funny. I love Battle, and what you feel for Battle is what I feel for Conquest instead… :P

it’s never that simple in a game like this.

Agreed that map rotation is broken though.

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Battle is just team deathmatch whilst pretending it’s not, mainly decided by matchmaking.

It’s pretty much the one mission type where some open-topped or casemated SPGs can truly shine. Conquest takes an already small baseline map and turns it into a royal rumble where it’s usually not worth playing past the decision of the initial engagement, because it is extremely hard to reverse. In that sense, it’s the quickest, most cramped, most short-distanced mission type in WT. If that’s the sort of thing you like, of course you’re going to be okay with that.

I have different preferences. Universally, the best memories I have of WT are of Battle missions where the 25 minute clock is starting to run down, and the match is going down to the wire. Maybe there’s four persons left on each team, playing hide and seek, you keep watching who’s ahead on tickets while the time pressure mounts… I love that tension.

They just always seem to drag on whilst being decided early on with half the team gone and no way to win the game unless everyone is dead, but as long as a few keep respawning the game just stagnates and it’s pretty bad RP/SL as well.

Plus way too often does the game runs out of time.