Crew lock should be disabled if you subscribe to premium

What if a premium player does not want to play with a ODL

As a benefit of premium yes.

Then the inclusion of this mechanic has no effect on you.

How so?

If you don’t want to ODL then don’t ODL.

It’s like saying Premium shouldn’t give you an SL bonus because you own every tank in the game, if the bonus doesn’t effect you then it doesn’t matter to you.

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Use a full lineup. You make more by staying in the game longer.

No no no.

Paying premium should never help circumvent forbidden, punishable or questionable actions.

Doesn’t work for chat bans, game bans, and should also not work for other punishment forms like crew lock.

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Why am I required to play the full match if I can take less tanks and receive no punishment? The only difference is that I want to be able to select which vehicle I spawn with after I see the map/matchup and have the option to leave when I’m done playing. If there’s going to be rules, let’s have rules. Exactly how seriously should a player of WT, in your opinion, have to take an individual match before they can expect to not be punished for their performance? The current system only punishes people if they could have spawned another vehicle. It doesn’t take into account if my remaining respawns will help with my tasks, it doesn’t take into account that I may find my teammates to be mean or uncooperative, nor does it take into account if the spawn is already camped and I’m just going to lose match profitability.

This isn’t punishment to get better behavior, it’s negative reinforcement pressuring players with complete lineups to be game content even after they’ve lost interest in playing the match. Why can’t I take my 4 kills and leave the match on a good note when over half my team can’t even get 1 (or only brought one tank and will leave without punishment before I’ve even respawned)?

I was being facetious. Obviously the whole idea of being able to disregard rules by paying is inherently elitist and classist and as such should not be implemented in the game.

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Using a full lineup means dealing with crew lock, players would be encouraged to take full lineups if crew lock was disabled.

Comparing chat bans / game bans to crew lock is asinine.

Crew lock is an arbitrary mechanic that punishes users while still permitting the action.

You can go and immediately switch to another nation and not be crew locked, WT already doesn’t legitimately punish AFKs / Leavers. Why shouldn’t the mechanic be disabled as a perk of premium?

No, you cannot get Crew lock for using a full lineup.

The condition for Crew lock is leaving a match in under 9 minutes without exhausting your lineup.

If you leave with vehicles still available to you in a match to use, you will be punished.

“disregard rules”

You can leave a game and switch to another nation already

You can go in with a reserve vehicle and that crew isn’t locked when leaving.

You can go in with just one vehicle and after you die leave without empty slots being crew locked.

Gaijin obviously through their own game design doesn’t view crew lock as a serious “leaver penalty”. Why should they not offer a bypass as a perk for premium?

If you take one tank and die then leave, your empty crews are not crew locked.

If you take a full line up and play ~3 / 5 tanks, then leave, you’re crew locked in the two crews you didn’t play.

This is arbitrary.

I have 5000 hours in this game and have never EVER been crew locked after exhausting my spawn points in a match. You are either mistaken or lying to people.

Crews not taken into battle are not spawn locked because they were not present in the battle.

Spawn locking is present to prevent players like you from making matches harder for the ones who want to win and get full rewards.

You can go and spawn in to a match right now and die in 3 tanks then leave the other two crews will be locked.

No it is not.

ODL is fully encouraged and not punished.

Taking in less tanks means dealing with less crew lock.

Players are not encouraged by Crew Lock to stay in the match.

For one, use one reply.

Secondly, it is NOT encouraged.

You will gain significant amounts of extra SL and RP payout the longer you stay in matches at present.

And if crew lock wasn’t inconveniencing this tactic of yours, why are you here complaining about it? You’ve made tons of posts about how spawn camping should be easier, and this and that. It’s so bad you were actually featured in a TEC video.

Spawn Lock will not occur if you bring and use 3 tanks. That is a simple fact anyone here other than you will agree with.

Yes this is true.

However if you own a high rank premium vehicle they are not sold in lineups. You are encouraged to use it once. Yes you can purchase backups but I don’t know why you would waste your money to do so when the reward efficiency isn’t zero.

Crew lock should be disabled, period.