Crew lock should be disabled if you subscribe to premium

As a benefit of having premium you should have crew lock disabled allowing you to freely leave games at will.


Perhaps you should post this in the Suggestions forum, where it might be actually assessed as an idea.


I did the post wasn’t approved.

Did you ask a moderator why it wasn’t approved?

You will generally get an answer, and can work on whatever caused it to not be approved.

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I support this

I have not but before typing up another suggestion post I wanted to see community opinions.

The suggestions forum is a meme. People must submit like a hundred suggestions a day, I imagine, and the whole first page is “Originally submitted July 13, Originally submitted October 20” etc. They obviously reject like 99.99% of posts, it’s a disrespectful waste of posters’ time. They read the threads on the other forums, and if they like the idea, they will obviously do it anyway, whether it’s in the special magical forum or not. Why wouldn’t they? So what’s the point?


crew lock should be a thing since there is people intentional crash or j out which is damage the other player playing experience. I think there should be more punishment than crew lock


I think being forced to stay in a lost game where 6 players have rushed and died with an XM-1 is a worse player experience than someone J’ing out because they ran out of ammo or crashing which most of the time is unintentional.

Gaijin already offers premium vehicles extra rewards for ODL game play I do not understand why people who don’t want to buy premiums but are willing to subscribe to premium should be limited by their arbitrary leaver penalties.

with the dog sht map at high tier i do agree with this so i don’t need to use Alt+F4

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This is like the worst idea ever. If anything, crew lock should be increased.

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Crew lock, if it does anything at all, just incentivizes people who like to ODL to take fewer crew slots / smaller lineups. Plenty of turbonerds on this game have enough lineups and nations that crew lock is immaterial and they can easily just go play something else.

The essence of the question is what do the ODL players owe to their team? There is no requirement to play well, play together, or play friendly, so why is there a requirement to play at all?

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For what purpose? To what?

Premium should also give you free access to the battlepass

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BP gives too much for Gaijin to go for that.

Premium buyers are a better class of people who shouldn’t have to face the consequences of their actions.

That is the most pig ignorant comment i have seen to date

The problem, however, arises when the plane goes into over G and it breaks for no reason, causing the crew to lock out, or due to an incorrect maneuver you crash and locks out the crew. I find it quite unnerving, and since I’m a paying player I support the idea

No, if anything this is the opposite of the community wants, there is a reason people complain about one death leavers.